Skin improvement instead of just recolors


You know, I don’t mind paying for games like these, I spent a lot of money on league of legends just to get some of those nice skins, and since this game has skins too I’m sure I’m gonna support turtle rock by buying some of them but I just don’t want to get only recolored versions of the monsters. I know the game just got released but they should really try to put more effort in those skins.


For example: Elite skins: Golen guns aren’t the only thing we want… we want some special designs and since the elite skins take some time to acquire them, they should atleast give the characters a different appearence, new armor, new helmets / hats, and so on.

Elite Monster skins: Here it’s pretty much the same. As for as I saw from the pictures, these will be just white & golden. They should really try to give them some sort of new armor, since you can add a lot to those monsters, or change the abilities, give the goliath a burning magma ball to throw, let the ghost have a different teleport explosion color.


I disagree here, but I do like the idea of changing the SFX for Monster skins. I wouldn’t like the actual body/model to change, but SFX is a good idea.

Also, they’re white and gold to represent the Albino or Elite creatures. They look great, in my ever so humble opinion.