Skin ideas :)


Goliath Cupcake skin
Kraken Speghetti and meatball skin
Wraith Cottoncandy skin
Behemoth Cheeseburger skin
Behemoth Turtle brownie skin

Funny Skin Idea

One thing I’d like to see- Hunter skins recoloring the visible body parts for the user only. I mean, it’s fine for characters like Laz, but for Parnell? The blue of your Shotgun clashes terribly with the vibrant red of the suit…Icky.


If its user only then wouldn’t everyone but you see the clash?


I’m prett sure you’re the only one with that problem :slight_smile:


They do not matter to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, it would clash more if they saw it too. Like, Parnell runnning around with a blue shotgun is hardly noticeable, but with blue arms? Yeah, no.

@Personal It isn’t my fault I want everything to look nice!


No I absolutely must be fabulous!


Would’ve thought not getting eaten would seem like a more pressing matter but I’m sure you know best.


Can I get feedback on my skin ideas?


Oh yeah that’s what I was doing. I have to say wouldn’t the wraith one look to much like the cosmic skin?


By @Waivor.


Cosmic is more of a fabulous purple, this is more like a garish lightish-red.

Reference, anybody?


Not if colored more like the different flavors of cotton candy


My apolagizes I must mention I am colour blind’, pink, white, purple and blu look almost the same to me.


…This whole time I thought this was cotton candy-

…I was wrong…




Cupcake looking smexy


Thats funny :slight_smile:


I’m color blind too :confused:
can get damned annoying somtimes


“That brown behemoth skin sure looks bad.” “Personal?” “Yes?” “That’s green.”


I feel like Behemoth needs a pink skin.