Skin Ideas For TRS to maybe think about


Redstone is not real but there are red stones that look like Redstone. Just change the name and it’ll work.


Like… Ruby Skin… Blood Diamond Skin…etc.


Panda behemoth skin would be hilarious!


If anybody wants me to try and do some of these skins in Photoshop I can… I’m by far not the best but I get out of school in a week and need something fun to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Please do!!!


Just two me which one and I’ll hop to it. Some of the have already been done though (by more talented people…) and I could just find those and put links to them.


Actually I’ll just drop this here since I just saw it. Ask me to do some skins and I’ll just post them here.


Hey! I’m not ready yet! :stuck_out_tongue:


Do the white tiger and black pantha skins for Goliath please :smiley:


Actually we have one already made! I’ll be combining threads into this one:


Oh good I’ve already posted in that thread… It was kind of dying… I think it needs to be cleaned up a little bit though honestly


Well, I’d like your opinion and @Azmi_Anuar’s

Would you like to have a new clean thread that I can move existing creations into or an existing one we can clean up?


Yes please that would be nice. I think it’ll help draw people in


Which one?


I think a new one would be good.


Alrighty, I agree and will start moving just complete creations to the new page then it can continue on with ideas, requests, and new skins.


A new clean one would be nice, as it is easier to sort out the submissions.


The skin one whichever one you feel will be better :slight_smile:


I only went back to April, but moving forward this is the main Community Skin thread.

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