Skin ideas for Monsters


I figure I’d make a thread dedicated to ideas for monster skins. My favorite monster is Behemoth, personally I would love to see either a Sapphire Behemoth, Onyx Behemoth or an Amethyst Behemoth.

For each behemoth the armor visual could be changed when he starts to glow.

For sapphire he could glow light blue.
For onyx he could glow red.
For Amethyst he could glow violet etc.

Change the color of his eyes.

For sapphire it could be blue or yellow etc.
For Onyx it should definitely be red.
For amethyst i think a bright violet would be cool.

Feel free to post your thoughts on skins they could make for any monster.

Behemoth gold skin

Mammoth Bird skins nuff said


Onyx behemoth is savage behemoth xD


tron legacy, camouflage, putrid carrion