Skin ideas for Evolve


Its obvious that Evolve has a lot of possible ways it could change in DLC but the recurring thing that shows up with personalization options is that its up to the developers. i think that the developers should leave it to the players to come up with the next personalization packs, whether it be a vote or just a mob of ideas. So, just type down any ideas on what skin packs you would like to see for the monsters of Evolve. NOTE: If somebody has already written down your idea, like their comment or add to that comment so we can try to organize a bit easier.


See id be making my own skins if i could on ps4


same, but it would take a lot of time though if u think about it. I think maybe u could upload them to ur PS4 by using a transfer cord and connecting it from ur computer directly to ur PS4. However, u would need a painting engine of some sort and the player models for the monsters.


i love to see another gamer that is interested in this topic, I’ve only had this topic up 4 like a half hour lol.


I just saw this topic. I think we need to try and get a skin that resembles one of each color of the rainbow before we get into more exaggerated skins. A blue goliath would 've cool and such.


not really, its just so plain. thats why we need user generated content. so u could make a blue goliath if u wanted to.


User created skins would be cool. But would cause problems. The issue with user generated content is the abuse involved with it. Now, if they introduce a “skin creator” for monsters / hunters similar to the badge system where’s you can choose a few patterns and colors and layer them specific ways, that would be fine. But even that’s not going to happen because they use skins as DLC (which even I buy) because it does support the game some more.


Just colorskins or slight modifications to body?


What if they gave us a customization area like with the badges. Like in other games similar ro Armored Core or just about any racing game. Allow us to custom change the skin color and patterns.


I literally said that in my previous post. Lol


Previously owned skin bundles should award free tier 4 hunter skins as well.
They released a new support skin bundle and didnt make it for sunny!
Like really bro!

I want a skin called damaged that makes the guns look REALLY beat up! Like maybe bent metal, scratches, ripped fabric and wires, and cracked glass. If the gun or item had a liquid like cairas grenades and lazaruses glove then liquid could be like dripping from it.


Haha overlooked it. Sorry.


I would love to see more gemstone type skins for Behemoth, like a pastel quartz or sapphire; something to that degree. :smile:



Lol. Great minds think alike bro


I’m sure there will be


Obsidian skin for Behemoth.

Obsidian is formed in areas of high heat, therefore an Obsidian Behemoth only makes sense since he can spew Magma from his gullet :smiley:


I love that image you posted of obsidian behemoth. It looks just like him bro. :wink: lol


I have 3 skin ideas so far that Turtle Rock Studios should consider doing. The first skin idea should be tribal with mainly black skin and white tribal markings throughout the body. The next is already being made, its skeletal but is called voodoo skins. The final skin idea isn’t exactly a skin but it should be a personalization option, the option should be to change what color the monster glows.


i like that idea, cuz the black coloring throughout the body would allow the magma to glow brighter and stick out more for a cool looking battle against the hunters.