Skin DLC Question regarding that said in the stream


So in the stream it was said that there will be skins sold separately in store that you can buy eg: swamp skin ect. Will these skins also be packed in like the monster packs too (as they are called packs) or will it be you can only buy them separatly from everything else? If we can only buy them separately what is the price going to be and will the price be the same globally (I live in Australia and we paid 20% more for the game that in the USA)?

Personally i think having them in the packs only is a very good incentive for those who aren’t sure if they want that character say behemoth but love say Wraith and so wants the swamp skin really bad for it.

BTW: If its the separate option only i’m very worried because Gears of War 3 did it and people HATED it and them for it so much. actually it was the only thing a disliked about the game and it almost ruined the fantastic game for me (they were expensive though and made pre-release).


I don’t even know if they know how they are going to be sold yet, just that all skins will be sold like what was it 60 days or so after release?


First of all there will be an in-game store.That’s confirmed.As for how they will be sold?

I’m guessing you can buy each one seperate or a pack of them and save the money from 1 skin out of the 5.

Thank god i’m not into skins or else i would be broke by now.So many years of Dota and Evolve coming up.I wouldn’t have money to eat.


I know there is an in game store. nd i’m not really a skin man either but the monster ones change so much (because its a massive monster not tiny gun). It also just makes me feel well a little ripped off that i have to pay for Season passes but the season passes don’t include everything in that season. Off course this may not be the case because they have not responded yet but, yeah, if it is.


Yeah it is.Simply because its not a season pass.Its called Hunter-season pass.Poor choice of words.Making people believe we got a season pass but we don’t.


Yeah but they do say monster pack so there is hope there


Where’s that?


I know i doesn’t talk of any other skins but 2 things is hardly a pack

Also i’m not sure is Savage Golith skin is actually part of the pack or just a pre-order incentive


Yeah as i said.Poor choice of words.Always read the small letters.Never trust 2K.That’s all.

Because that Hunter-Pass its not even a Hunter-Season-Pass.Its only for 4 hunters.


Yeah well if they are like a dollar AUD and only like 5 and if you by one skin eg swamp then you also get the other monster ones too i would be almost fine with that.


If not then i’m not buying from 2k again unless they never do stuff like it again


Don’t expect great deals out of 2K.
If you like them i’d say wait for them to go in a sale or something.Pretty sure the prices will be bad at start.


Skins almost ruined a game for you? Skins?


Really? Seriously?

Optional skins almost ruined the game?

I don’t even…


I am curious as to what they will be charging for new skins. Anyone know?


Probably they will be sold seperately and on Packs.Packs will probably have the best deal but still i ain’t sure.


Packs will have the best deal indeed, or else there woulden’t be any incentive to include packs, instead of buying the hunter season pass, we would just buy one at a time, so im certain packs are cheaper.


Yeah i meant not sure about the prices.My bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, at least we can assume the monster will be as expensive as at least 2 hunters, so if we say each hunter is 5 dollars, the hunter expansion pack would need to be either 17,50 or 15 for it to be worth it, and the monster would be 10 dollars, which means the hunter SEASON ( ignore expansion pack above ) pass is basically the cost of 3 hunters, with one for free.


I think but don’t quote me on that based on Behemoths price it is 15$ per monster and 7,50$ per Hunter


Hmm, i won’t say that is bad… but lets turn on david’s calculator and see.

So, 4 hunter is 7,50 x 4, which is 30 dollars ( lol )

If i am correct, which i am because i checked steam prices ( lol ) the hunter season pass is 20 euros, which is confusing, for that is 30% promotion, i hope im right, or that the hunter prices are cheaper to match with this.