Skin Damage

So I was thinking, when playing as a Monster, whenever you get into a fight with the Hunters and take any sort of bullet or any sort of damage, then you get bullet holes and other such things on the Monster. This is a very cool thing that was added with the Arena update, but how about we change it a bit?

When Monsters have armor, they shouldn’t get these sort of bullet holes. As Caira says they have an “Ablative Coat” that is, a fancy way of saying armor that coats their skin and protects them from immediate harm, so why is it then that even though you have armor, bullet holes still appear?

Shouldn’t Monsters be immune to this sort of skin damage until their armor is gone? Which brings me to another point, does anyone else think that Monsters shouldn’t show a “bleeding” particle effect when shot until their armor is gone and instead some other effect?

Just my thoughts since in a recent PM with @ColtRosewood he stated that in his skin spotlights he avoids the Hunters like the plague because:


I won’t deny that when there are details like this in a game, I love it all the more. There are a million small things in Evolve that I notice every time I slow down and really take in my character’s details and my surroundings, so it certainly isn’t a game that is lacking in that kind of care for the little things (have you really paid attention to all the moving parts of Goliath’s jaw? Or the way Kraken’s tentacles passively interact with one another? Because… wow.)

However, post-launch, I can’t imagine this being anything other than a wish-list idea. I’m sure that 99% of people would prefer that TRS direct their efforts towards balance, upcoming tier characters, and adaptations over things like this. Not to shoot you down at all - I think its a very cool idea (and not only due to it making my skin spotlights a bit easier to pull off ;P), and I do love attention to detail such as this, but I’m hesitant to say it is very realistic at the moment.


I love the little details too.

Just a little suggestion I had in mind if they ever have literally nothing to do… which will be never :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s just hope that people continue to buy all the skins and characters they put out so that demand for such content doesn’t dwindle for a long, long while :smiley:

Gotta keep you busy man :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to new Monsters, be it adaptions or DLC ones. I shall pay for them all! Skins are secondary. I recently bought all skin packs and clownfish just because I finally had money to.

######I’m never going to play them all anyway :smile:

I think it would be nice if the skin damage reflected only perm health damage. If you had only taken armor damage as a Monster you shouldn’t show any wounds/bleeding.

For those of us with older computers, I am not looking for ways to increase the graphics load which could effect performance. I would love it if the Devs could change dust tagging so that it didn’t slow down the frame rate even at low settings, and even for some with high spec systems.

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Kinda a summarization of the topic but not really :stuck_out_tongue:

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You gotta love slims green goop when he shoots things, we made a savage kraken have a completely green face… It looked like Christmas

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You must be new to me… have you not seen me invade nearly every Slim thread fueled by my hellfire rage for his spores?


Haha ya but the green goop is from his leach gun, so I thought I was avoiding the touchy subject known as spores


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I’d like to add here, not really on topic, that I had a game crash while I was bucket, and just put down three sentries near an armadon. I’m talking about the crash where everything freezes, repeating it’s current animation, except you, so I could just see three sentries wailing on an armadon, and by the time I was actually kicked, there was almost no armadon skin texture left because of all the bullet holes. 10/10 would recommend.

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That’s strange. The current version of the game in users’ hands should have bullet decals limited to 32 visible per character.

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I sure will! I have every skin except Torvald’s ragnarok, Slim’s valkary, and Bob’s moon stone!

I’ve tested and observed on several occasions that unless you take health damage you don’t take skin damage. I’ve engaged in multiple engagements and back off when my armor is low I’ve downed the hunters without taking any health damage and my monsters skin was untouched. Unless of course its from slims leech pellets that i haven’t tested but ive taken armor damage no health damage and skin was untouched by the end of the game so the suggestion you are making is already in game if you are experiencing skin damage without health damage it may be a bug tested it several times and i try to do it often because i like my monster to look pretty during his winning roar.

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We’ve had two different experiences then. I know for a fact I’ve been chipped from range with full armor, and when I went to do spin-around for my skin spotlights, I’ve had bullet holes.

Slim’s leech gun is the worst offender by far, but other guns do it too.

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I’ve had several times where I noticed I had a few bullet holes with armor and with no health lost

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