Skills4u2envy's Sketchbook / Art Dump


So I decided that I’ll just make one thread where I can throw some of my art to share.

I’m still piecing together my website
It will serve as an online portfolio as well as where I’ll be offering free rigs for students and selling affordable Maya character rigs.

My current self-portraits :slight_smile: I’m an illustrator and a 3D artist so I felt these were the perfect style to reflect me

**Some of my illustration/traditional work**

2011, Adobe Photoshop - Ringling thesis concept art

2011, Corel Painter
We had to create an illustration with two original characters that you could interpret a story from

2013, Adobe Photoshop
An alien in-disguise, shopping at a gas station (random I know lol)

2008, Adobe Illustrator
My first time ever using Illustrator. I made a vector portrait of Kate Beckinsale because I was obsessed with Underworld at the time.

2009, Graphite on paper
Hey Arnold!
In figure class we had to draw the skeletal structure of a cartoon character we loved.

2007, Colored pencil on paper
Bored in art class in high school so I pictured my evil art teacher and drew him how I saw him

2006, Graphite on paper
Before applying to art colleges I had to add a bunch of observational drawings to my portfolio. I still really love some of them.

**Figure Drawing** The following are all from my classes at Ringling College. Each pose was drawn in **2 minutes**


Piece I wrote and directed for the Provincetown Film Festival in 2014.
I wrote, directed and designed the piece. I was also the lead modeler, rigger and creative director with some animation and compositing thrown in.

My modeling demo reel with my work from college (pretty old stuff now)

I modeled and rigged the man for the new Sierra logo animation

I modeled, textured and rigged the fly in this spot.

**Production Images**

I modeled and rigged the pterodactyl and the fish for this augmented reality project.

A collection of the studios’ favorite shots from the Peanuts video games we worked on.
I modeled and rigged all of the characters to match the look of the film by Blue Sky Studios.

Cleaned up the models from the new TH video game and rigged and animated characters for a promotional piece to announce the game’s release (really sucks that the game was crap :frowning:

Collection of shots from the new SpongeBob video game we made the cinematics for.
I had to model and rig the characters to match the movie versions. I also animated some shots.

Easter card from the studio. I designed, modeled and rigged the bunny and the butterfly.

**Sketches** Empty until I scan some of my current sketches. It's funny, the full illustrations I do are generally more cartoon-ish, but my sketchbook is just creepy Monsters and creatures lol

I’ll be updating here the more I go through my old work and find it, and soon you’ll be able to go to my site and check out my portfolio there :slightly_smiling:


Damn you’re an amazing drawer, still very amazed by all the talented people in our community


More like drawings4u2envy.


How much do you charge for each drawing?


These are truly impressive. I knew you worked in these mediums but I didn’t realize how proficient you were.

Also, +1,000 for the Hey! Arnold skeleton. I died.


Depends on the size, detail, medium and what the drawing is of. I don’t do commissions too often because I’m a pretty busy person.


Stop making me envy ur skillz. Maximum over russle


Tried out Sculptris last night and was just fooling around


Looks like a Daisy from Hell haha


Updated my reel finally, too


Justin Grineer

Isn’t that that enemies in Warframe?