Skills from stage 1 got deleted after evolving to stage 2


So this happened to me tonight:

I joined a game that was already set up, and it seemed like the monster-player left before the game startet, but after he had picked his abilities. At stage 1 I had the abilities he had picked, then I evolved to stage 2 and suddenly the points he had assigned before the game were gone. I ended up as a Goliath with stage 2 health and model, but only 3 skillpoints in my abilities. Later I evolved to stage 3 and had 4 skillpoints available. Was kinda weird.


Lol that’s weird


Add it to the bug list:

Scroll down to “Bug Reporting” section and add it there, so that the devs can actually see it. Then perhaps get a Mod to help clean this up?

Happy Hunting!


i believe this has been in the beta aswell, can remember it happening to me


Thanks for the link, I posted it there. Dunno how to get a mod to close this, though. I feel like a grandma when it comes to forum stuff.


Here you go: @SledgePainter @Takran @Plaff. Just put an @ in front of their names. There are more mods, but I won’t summon all of the. They’re very scary.


Thanks for the report, and putting a copy on the bug list!

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