So I won a game and got 1 point up in my skill level. I was Silver Skilled and 2 of their team was silver and other other Bronze, NEXT MATCH I LOSE TO 2 DETERMINING RANK and 2 BRONZE AND I LOSE 100 POINTS!!! NOT FUN!!!


The system determined bronze players as easy for you to beat, so you losing to them cost you a lot of points


Silver Skilled is just over Bronze’s highest rank, which the other two were, and the others being undetermined means they could be anything. Even winning matches against a team of 4 Silver Elites when I’m Silver Skilled, only got me like 33 points. Why would you ever lose 100 points??? As far as I’ve seen, that one matched cost me the earnings of 3 wins.


How many matches have you played total as monster? I’m going to go ahead and guess around 30 or less (much more likely less).


During the Hunt 2.0? Yes probably around 20. Please explain how that matters? I’ve played far more before.


At around that many games the algorithm is still very swingy, resulting in quite wild point losses and gains (Although losses are more common as you don’t often get to play against very high tiered teams).

From personal observation, at around 60-80 games it is very reasonable with only about 10-15 points loss per game (And that’s the top end of point losses. It will usually be more around 5-10). The more you play after that (I’m currently around 100 games on monster and hunter individually), you lose less points, as the algorithm has a better understanding of your skill. This means that those one-off losses against a low tiered team won’t punish you as much, as the system realizes this was an unlikely loss.

Also refer to this post by @Miel that explains much about how the ranked system works. Miel says it should be less swingy by around 20 games, but I’ve found this not to be true. It only really gets less swingy at about 60-70 games played. Consider it still determining your true rank.

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It’s not about you as a player, it’s about the ranked system. It takes a while to settle down and regularize point gain/loss according to some of the devs I’ve seen post. Like the quote above. :arrow_up:


Another point is that it doesn’t factor your performance outside of 2.0 AT ALL. So it is truly starting you at ground zero.


I dunno man, seems pretty stable to me.

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