Skill ranking?


I’m thinking like mabe in Halo 3, where you not just earned XP but rather classed on a skill between 1-50. If you were in the 48+ area, everyone else was 48-50 too and it was always an atleast remotely even playing field. I mean, really?? No monster in a party but I can’t even enjoy playing hunter because my teammates are either complete newbies (which is fine, but I doubt anyone (Them and me) enjoy the experience much this way) or just really, really bad players.

I just had a round where I continously had Wraith in the damage enhance ray of Cabot only to see my Assault was a.) taking a walk on the beach on the other side of the map for whatever ungodly reason only to approach the bundle of squishy death, that our beloved little Wraith is, when everyone else went down. I was mad but I figured, it’s cool, let’s just look for new players. Well, what did I find? A damn Caira that A.) decided heating the Goliath up till it might get a slightly sweaty tail instead of healing at all B.) that approached the Goliath alone and even wasted the super speed ability on JUST herself. Oh and did I mention C.) that was while she already had two strikes? Seems like a great idea to approach the monster then.

Look, I get it, everyone has a differen learning curve, everyone’s natural talent is different and even the drive to win or fight well is different. But it’s just not fun when you continously put on good games and lose without a chance because your team just sucks. And I don’t mean to put below-average players down but of course it’s aggrevating when you lose because of that. Especially when it’s a game that could’ve been easily with even semi-competent players. A skill based ranking system would make that waaaaay better. People wouldn’t rank up beyond a certain level because they can’t keep up with that and then would get matched against equally weak opponents while those
who play well can battle it out on top.


I agree with you, luckily I usually have friends on who i can play with, but when i play alone I just leave after one game if they are bad and mic-less. I have found some great players in pubs who I now play with though.

Would the rank system be like, you get matched against same or slightly above/lower rank, and if you win you advance in rank and if you loose you go down? Because that would be cool :slight_smile: