Skill/Rage quitting


So I’m really not trying to flame, insult, or otherwise stir up trouble, I’m legitimately asking.

What can I do as a monster player to keep a full lobby?
With a small PC player base it can be hard to find a match where all the slots are filled, yet constantly I get people who either quit mid match, or after a loss.
I would just think people just move around, but if the team wins they stick around.
(I’m not going to put names, but the player base is small…I’ve seen individuals who quit during, or after every loss, but stick around as long as they keep winning.)

I get it, you don’t want to play against a monster if you feel like you can’t win…problem is, there might only be 5 monster players in your region, I’m one of them so your chances of seeing me again are high.

Is there anything I can do on my end, short of just letting them win every match, to keep hunters around?

I play Goliath almost exclusively, and I’m pretty sure I don’t do anything anyone might see as “cheap” (Despite hunters often being much less than sportsmanlike with their strategies).

I’m hoping this won’t be an issue if/when the player base grows after TU9/X but in the meantime I’d like to make sure I’m not doing anything that might be off-putting to anyone who is getting back into the game prior to the new update.

So what is it, what might I be doing as a Goliath that makes you want to quit a match?


Worth noting, I always offer a restart if a match begins without a full team and later gets full before I reach stage 3.


Probably play with bots. I know they aren’t the best teammates but thy are easier to kill MWHAHA


Keep them interested.

Allow them to make semi-frequent dome captures, even if they aren’t always beneficial to you.

Make the match close by deliberately missing abilities by a small margin - and even let them win sometimes!


I’m always scared they are gonna think I’m toying with them
Like, purposefully making the match take longer.


I try to engage with them. I’ll tell them to keep it up and that they’ll only get better. If it’s close I’ll say things like “Holy shit, had me worried for a while” and other encouraging things. I try to let them know they’re not garbage without just saying it.


I never rage-quit, but I think letting them know they don’t suck is probably your best strategy, as TomsMeatPlatter said. I don’t often chat via the mic, but when I’m on the verge of losing my lobby, I might say a few things.

Also, another way of avoiding a team that leaves is getting your friends to play Evolve with you, that way you all can joke on mistakes and stop worrying about winning or losing.

Another thing you can do is let them win, but then I think they may feel as though I’m shitty at the game, so I don’t typically go down that route. And because I’m in an area with so few people, I need to think about doing it often, but I’d much rather win than keep them sticking around.

Besides, if they really rage that much, they must not be very good people, the end.


There is no real answer to this. Players who have a bad habit of rage quitting even in the middle of a match won’t break the habit because if something goes wrong they just think, “Screw this, you guys suck, or this game sucks.” Then they will drop out immediately.
I had a few matches with Hunters where a teammate gets incapped, then someone will just bail, even if they aren’t the one who’s down. Sometimes after they quit, we end up winning anyway cause the bot was boss.
As a Monster, there are times where I won’t feed if I know they are new. But if a Hunter is too stubborn to use teamwork and goes LEROY JENKINS :laughing: on me, then chances are they’re not gonna make it.

Last night I had an Arena match in which I was the Goliath. It was a full lobby against Parnell, Maggie, Hank, and Lazarus. I didn’t know if the players were good or not so I stayed in a nearby cave to get the drop on them. They came around the corner and almost immediately I took down Laz since he was on the front line. :smiling_imp: They immediately wanted to restart the match. I was OK with that.
It was the same characters except the medic was now Caira. I performed the same plan in the same spot but focused more on the Assault 1st. I gave a few openings for them to get their teammates up, but they all went down anyway. Maggie was the last one standing and I waited for Sudden Death before attacking her. I never pounced her but she still died, but not before taking a chunk of my health. Round 1 ended, I won, and two Hunters quit.
Three of them had mics and I could only imagine what was said. During or after a match you can try to give advice. However, some people will just mute you or quit.


I’ll mix it up. Usually I try for a quick stage 2 then fight a bunch of skirmishes until I actually go stage 3. That’s if I’m try hard trying to win. What you should do is let them find you stage 1 and maybe focus the assault more that you probably should. Switch between him and medic to keep them on their toes. Let the dome continue for its full duration, unless you’re getting low and don’t want to completely throw the game. Let them find you at least twice stage 1 and stage 2. Finish the game stage 3 to make it feel epic and go in as soon as you’re ready. Don’t back out. If you wipe all of them but one person, unless they’re right next to you, act like you don’t know where they are and look around in another direction. That’s about all I got. OH AND ONE LAST THING. Switch monsters between each game. Many people, myself included like variety and get bored seeing the same monster over and over again. Don’t play the same monster twice in a row.


Play your worst monster and use your worst anilities and build.

Alternatively, pick an ability and make a rule you will only use that to down hunters and nothing else. All other abilities can be used for damage.

Don’t sneak.

Don’t FT3.

If there are bots or particularly bad players, focus them for last if possible.

Focus the worst possible hunter in a situation.

Generally play like a crazy idiot, its more fun than you think. If you’re as good as you think.


Took the words right out of my mouth!!! Played the other day, against a level 40 Assault, a 23 Support and the Medic and Trapper (who I think were friends) were level 2. Went real easy on them, spreading my moves out, not really focusing anybody. Just having fun with it, playing dramatically. I eventually went and Evolved to stage three, and came charging at the relay, had a drawn out fight with them.
Medic wouldn’t heal and the Trapper also focused to much on damage, but by playing slow and giving them time to learn, near the end the Medic was healing and they were actually trying to dodge moves. Afterwards they were so excited, it was awesome!!! felt good about the match. :slight_smile:
One of them was all, “wow he’s really good!!! I thought we had him near the end!!!” I could tell they weren’t sore about losing and had fun. That’s what matters with new players. :smile:


That reminds me of a player that treated me in every negative aspect (like calling me Dovahcock) because I didn’t put the teleporter that the monster destroyed at the end of the match (even though, I was the last alive and I killed the Wraith with Kala’s mines under the platform). Next match, he becomes the monster (Meteor Goliath) and FT3 for the whole game until he wrecks us down (he was also 100% targeting me). He wins and continues to insult me. The next game, I BECOME the monster in arena mode as a Behemoth (my fetish monster) and destroy everybody even faster than he did (He was Stage 3 in the previous game and I was obviously Stage 2 in the next game) and then he ragequit before the match ends because he didn’t wanted to lose, but he still losed in my opinion.

If you see that there is people that ragequit/quit after losing, or it’s because they are toxic and nasty tryhards, or because they are simple people that are getting bored of losing games.


I played a rank hunt yesterday and seconds before I finished the final hunter, 2 hunters (obviously friends) disconnected right before I won. I thought it was kind of funny.


Well the biggest thing is don’t FT3.
I always ensure they get two S2 domes and I never hide in the dome. Focusing the assault is a good idea because it makes them feel like they are doing something even though damage is actually staggered.

If I’m on a particularly good winning streak or I know I’ve been beating them, I’ll not take RT, or BM, or SN, or LB(I don’t play Gorgs).

Evolving close to them is always fun.


I played by myself the other night I played 5 ranked matches as monster 3 as wraith 1 with og and 1 with meaty playing wraith I figured was the easiest for newer players to deal with and I engaged stage 1 and never went to 3 letting them dome me several times and at stage 3 took half my health it was about the same with meaty and og not everyone on the team was completely low ranked they had a silver master playing as sunny so at first I thought they might have been smurf acc’s so I played og and went really hard on them until I could see the 3 lower lvs we not smurf acc’s.Then played some quickplay as hunter and quickly found out that was frustrating when you got a tryhard going bob elite when ur teammates don’t know to tech hanks shield charger or throw emets bouys out next match I played emet and still I now how to use his healing their was zero team work I had to call it a night I could have told these guys how to use the abilities and teamwork is a must but I probably would have got hate mail back so why bother.


No Pity. Survival of the Fittest.

Just a matter of learning that when you fall, to get back and keep going ahead. Evolve is a game just like that. Even if you (as a monster player) are being nice, that wont matter much if they switch to another lobby one day and get horribly wrecked.

I play sometimes against people against with so much more hours and try my best and still lose. I learn from it, think about what happened, and move on.

Some people just can’t stand losing and prefer to stop playing rather than work on it.


It’s not about getting wrecked once for new players. It’s having it happen over and over in a game that penalizes mistakes heavily (2 min dropship upon death, for example).

Some breather games are always nice to keep people from quitting.


I’m not a dedicated monster player but if I play monster and I want to make it easier on the hunters I don’t evolve. It can be challenging (and fun!) to find the way to unravel the teamwork network with the limited resources of a stage 1. If you find that they are better than you thought you can tune it after the first dome.
Also make a point to engage every time you have full armor. More action means less time spent playing running simulator.
Spread out the strikes and let them pick the injured up. Keeps everyone in the game while still giving you progress, without forcing them to retreat as it would happen if you killed the medic or the trapper.
Furthermore, don’t chain abilities. Just mix it up with some normal attacks so that they have extra time to react. A hunter is not going to have fun if he goes from full health to dead while being juggled, because by that time he has no control and you’re just forcing him to watch as his hunter gets beaten to a pulp.