Sixth monster ideas?


Since the 5th monster is most likely to be announced today lets start brainstorming what the 6th monster will be since it is never too early to start speculating on this.


Damn it, I’ve been checking the forums for any hint of the 5th monster, and you bait me with THIS???

storms out




Fixed your click-bait title. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You couldn’t have let it be for like an hour so I can get some laughs on some disappointed folks :daisy: dang you sir


What was it? just got here.


The title was “next monster”


I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I had. :slight_smile:


A monster that has two particular abilities. Both with short CDs.

  1. Completely disabled Hunter UI and obscures their vision. Recharges in a second.

  2. Grants four extra, more powerful traversals. A medium-ish charge time.


In all seriousness…No idea. O.o


I want a monster who has traversals that are its main damage dealer


How will they get away when necessary if traversal are the damage dealer?


Hey if my traversals did damage I wouldn’t be running. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 6th monster can kiss my ass because I’m gonna be playing the 5th monster!!!


When you get your PC back.


I’m downloading Evolve as we speak :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh, just in time for something speeeeecial! :wink:


I know!!! I hope it’s something along the lines of Behemoth or Goliath. If the monster is gonna be another Wraith or Kraken I’m gonna be very sad ;-;


It would be a grave injustice to compare it to the others. :wink:


I want something that’s big and bad. Not slim (lol puns) or served in a Japanese restaurant. No offense to your Wraith xD


Oh they’ll still be able to be used as traversals, I just want them to do solid damage when you use them in a dome, kind of like leap smash, its basically a traversal that can be used as an attack too.

Or you could make all its abilities its ways to escape and just make the traversal its main attack.