Six: The Sword, Chapter Three


Love. I found it.


Great job as always. NOW we have the full story on The Sword. Really fleshes the characters out having them have these events that took place in the universe. Really like how you have Cabot instantly cheer up Parnell


As far as I know, the only North Dakota is the state!


Interstellar Transit, I suppose.


So glad i showed up for this. I love reading the Canon stories. Can't wait for what's next ^_^ make some novels Matthew, you could get some book money out of all these stories.

Even if you're disinclined to that, still.. Very good work, and thank you for posting them.


@Matthew you are like a space terry brooks... but better! these stories are the future of video game fleshing out and trs is suuper lucky to have your services every week waiting is longer then the next but just as satisfying wink keep up the great work


EbonStar is a PWC yeah.

Not Blackwater though.


So Macman goes through liking all of our posts. Stories for all hunters confirmed!!!! smiley


Nice Job @Matthew, really liked this one. Loved the Cabot/Parnell dialogue. Could read dialogue between these two all day; throw in some Val for good measure!


how much time passes between third part of the Sword and recruiting Abe?


That's so awesome! Not only the read is enjoyable, it will make the game so much more enjoyable too! This is fantastic news!

I hope to read them all in chronological order once most of the stories are out.
Man,I love reading books but never expected game fiction to be so cool!


Sorry, I was being sarcastic (not sure if that best describes it). Either way, nothing is confirmed, I'm just trying to be funny and am failing cry


Shit man....I really believed that....


I was misinformed by @Brandini now you HAVE to make this official or I'm going on strike!(YEAH,RIGHT!)

But seriously, it was a downer :<


It's very nice to see the characters develop and change into the people we know in game smile very good stuff.


Excellent work as usual Matt. Third tier hunters are too cool. Just too cool. Epic stories and epic personalities. I really hope you release some more stuff Matt! These have been great reads.


That was amazing, I really hope Maggie gets one. That includes how her and Daisy became a duo.


Man these stories are sick as- (NZ slang for awesome)
Would totally buy a fiction novel on this stuff if one was produced, great stuff


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So true! Has no one played a video game or seen a horror movie in the past decade? EVERYONE comes back that are killed 'off screen'.