SiTH PC Tournament - Game Footage


SiTH hosted a tournament on Sunday, February 22nd. Team Veritas took 2nd behind SiTH eV (3-4). I’ve uploaded all my games to share with the community. If anyone else has footage uploaded let us know and I’ll add it to the top post. The semi finals and finals were all close games and very fun to play in. Well played everyone that came out with a team to play!

Veritas vs Group D | Round 1 -F*ckin’ Unicorns, Round 2 - TH, and Round 3 - Team Videre

Veritas vs WellGood | Semi Finals

Veritas vs SiTH eV | Finals

Final Bracket Results:
The SiTH Evolve PC Tournament, 22nd Feb 7pm GMT (2pm EST)