SiTH Evolve PC Tournament Results and Feedback

Original Announcement: The SiTH Evolve PC Tournament, 22nd Feb 7pm GMT (2pm EST)

First off I want to say thank you to all the teams and players who played in our tournament, we had a lot of fun running and playing in the event and overall felt it went really well! We hope everyone playing enjoyed the tournament, learned a lot, and have some great feedback to share with us.

The results:

16 teams played in the tournament, split into four groups with one team from each qualifying for the semi-finals. We used a “Monster Rotation” system for the tournament where each team had to submit a new Monster player for each round of the tournament, which actually proved to be less confusing than teams initially thought and everyone really got the hang of it quickly (very happy!). SiTH eV, Fast Forward, Veritas and WellGood were the four teams who qualified for the final stage, and they battled hard to win, the results are:

1st: SiTH eV
• 2nd: Veritas
• 3rd: Fast Forward
• 4th: WellGood

Full results from the bracket can be viewed here:

And the full list of participating teams can be viewed here:

We would love to hear feedback from the teams regarding the tournament; we’ve created a small form to fill out here: Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on our tournament, to encourage and help us for future events, thank you!

I will be uploading all videos from the winning team SiTH eV to my channel, starting with the Group Stage which can be viewed already here: If any other teams have footage from the tournament to share, please post below, I’d love to watch it.

Again thank you for helping make our first tournament a great success, we look forward to your feedback and the prospect of more Evolve tournaments soon!

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Glad to hear it went well. Wish my team could have participated, but the ESL ran a bit longer than anticipated :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, who won most of the matches? The hunter side or the monster side?

Hunters! :smiley: Which is exactly what we wanted. :wink:

Is that true? I hardly doubt it.

My group stage seemed to be dominated by monsters but I guess that was just my group.

Yo guys, got a good bunch of high level Hunter gameplay from the winning team uploaded now here: Check it out, there’s always plenty of high level Monster content to watch but I’m always looking for more Hunter POVs myself so hope you enjoy it. :smile: