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Wraith is included in the base game? You don’t need to buy her.


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i know. i also know in order to unlock to wraith you first have to unlock the kraken by playing some games on the goliath, and then after unlocking the kraken, you have to play more games in order to unlock the wraith, my question was: am i ABLE , i repeat , ABLE to buy the Wraith immediately on 10 february, with real money? is it POSSIBLE?


It isn’t possible. Apologies for misunderstanding your question; I thought you were presuming Wraith could only be played if you bought her.


Surresi, If you pre-order you get all this things

However don’t preorder cuz preordering is not a good thing for the videogame industry

Can you please help me and tell me how to create a topic on this futuristic messgae board?


You can pre-order the game now and automatically unlock the Wraith, without going through the progression system.


doesn’t matter, my english is bad anyways. thanks for taking the time to answer back!


i dont have a xbox , just a pc and i pre ordered on pc


Don’t worry mate unlocking is easy.It won’t take more than 10 games of each monster to reach final Monster.It might be boring if you ONLY want Wraith but its also good to know each trick of every monster when playing as hunter


i am gonna play this game on my pc so its not gonna be possible :frowning:, just the xbox users are getting everything if they pre order. and ye sure. community > Forums , and then at the right you see in grey : [ + New topic ]. Write a titel, select a catogery , and write your stuff!


i had over 50 games of the goliath and kraken in the Alpha. now i have over 20 games with the monsters in the pc beta. i think i pretty know the monsters quite well, just for the Wraith. just by playing against him makes me wanna play him so bad :frowning:


Tell you the truth i felt the same way in Alpha.But now after so much time i wanted to play everything again.Also Wraith might have the feeling of “cool” but.I enjoy Wraith because i can feed and escape when ever i want,but Kraken is much more enjoyable in fights for me


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