Sins of a Dark Age Early Access Giveaway


I normally give these type of things away on my YouTube Channel but this seems like the complete opposite of what my viewers would want… so im giving it away here in hopes someone will enjoy it more!

Sins of a Dark Age Early Access

Single Use Code: HMVLT-GP6BZ-WRQN0

    How to Redeem Your Beta Key
    Launch Steam and log into your Steam account.
        Click the Games Menu.
        Choose Activate a Product on Steam...
        Have your Steam key ready and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.



For a moment I thought Sins of a Dark Age was a sequel to Sins of a Solar Empire :stuck_out_tongue: haha… What kind of game is this?


looks like a MOBA


Ah nice. I was hoping for a Sins xpac/sequel :stuck_out_tongue:


Came here for this


Sorry… it is not my fault the title of the game is misleading XD


It’s all good. Sins was just a really well done game. My brother and I still play that from time to time :slight_smile:


I’m fairly certain that the devs of this game are Ironclad. I remember reading about this and being disappointed it was a Moba and not another 4x/Real-time space game.


Haha, thats even funnier then :stuck_out_tongue: