Single Rank Perks


Simple suggestion to add more perks in the future that have a singular rank. This meaning that the perk will do one thing and one thing only however it will do it well and it will cost a lot. Given that these perks will only have one rank rather than the traditional three, once you buy it you have the perk and all that it does for a significant price tag.

Think of them as a sort of purchasable “passive” rather than a perk.


Sounds interesting enough, but what kind of effects for them did you have in mind?

Would definitely add some nice variety to the perk selection.


Not entirely sure however some I’ve thought of before are things like:

  • No movement penalty when shooting.

  • Wildlife buffs last X% longer.

  • Muffled footsteps for Monsters and hidden evolutions. (they make less noise when walking around and they don’t trip Griffin’s soundspikes when they evolve; still leaves footprints)

  • Hidden while standing still out of combat for X seconds (hidden from Monster’s smell)

  • Etcetera.


Character improvements should never be behind a pay / grindwall in a competitive title.

Espescially not when the balance is so wonky like in Evolve.


Is this really the thread for a comment such as this.


yes. i am allowed to say that it is a bad idea. Right?


So you’re opposed to the idea… because it’s elaborating off an already present system in Evolve… you’re making negative sense here man.


why is that not making sense? idea is bad, system is bad. no reason to expand a bad system, is there?


It’s a free to play game. This is how free to play games work. If you don’t like the system then please take that up in another thread as this is simply giving them more room to expand.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t see why you think it’s bad.

The system the OP is talking about pretty much comes down to just adding a few extra perks.
How does that affect balance? If they’re OP, nerf them. If they’re UP, buff them.

Are you opposed to all the perks that are already in the game as well?


i am opposed to having unlocks that make your character better.
If you want details of why it is bad:

Basically you have an advantage over someone that did not grind as much as you did. This is the opposite of what a competitive game should do. You simply can not compete with someone that has 2 sets of perks more than you.

Gladly (thats my specculation) they aknowledged this fact in the current challenge and tried to even it out by giving vasts amount of keys (instead of just removing the perk unlock system alltogether)

But as this is highly offtopic we should split the topic or someone will get mad. If i just would know how… mh

Perks as unlock mechanic is still a bad thing

Hmm no, I think it’s fine briefly discussing it here assuming @10shredder00 doesn’t care.

So this is my only problem here.
You’re not opposed to the idea of this thread, you’re simply opposed to the idea of perks altogether.

Perks are perks. The ones suggested in this thread aren’t any better than the ones we already have. I’m assuming the high key cost is because that’s what you would’ve paid if you had bought a normal perk and upgraded it twice.

I can understand why someone might dislike the perk system in Evolve but considering it’s already there and won’t be removed anytime soon, why be against the addition of interesting new perks?


perks are amazing, they give diversity and different playstyles.
Making them expensive as an lamborghini, what OP suggested, however is exclusive.


Make them ‘traits’ instead of perks. They give bonuses but also drawbacks, e.g.
Glasscannon - do more dmg but take more as well
BurstJetpack - More dodges, no flying
Blocked nose- No smelling, Right click sprays mucus in a cone


And now you’ve changed your opinion saying that it’s not perks but my idea. Also I don’t get where you’re getting your figures from since this is what they’ll cost:

Thus they’d cost about 15k for superior perks and less for the weaker tiers.


never changed my opinion.