Single mistakes / incap health


I watched deanimate play against a hunter team.

This is how it went down: The hunter team didn’t really make mistakes until stage 3. They did a little bit of health damage every dome.
Before the stage 3 fight, the monster got the Damage Reduction wildlife buff and engaged. Due to one little slip the medic went down and was killed within one ability cycle.
Sure, the hunter team then made the mistake to not play time and all died relatively quickly before the dropship came down. But still one mistake did cost them the game.

Good comeback btw, deanimate. Didn’t look like you were gonna win this. ^^

@GentlemanSquirl I thought you were planning on increasing the incap health?

Can we talk about the balance in high level play?

I haven’t played Stage 2 but all accounts say that the incap health is way too low. A single mistake should not hand the monster a win.


Why shouldn’t it?


respectively from the other side: beeing trapped in the wrong spot will instantly lose the monsters game… so not sure where you are heading.


No, not anymore. The dome mechanics were reworked. Monster can’t lose to a single mistake.

But I think the issue above is gonna be resolved with the upcoming patch on Tuesday:


That is related to animation triggering and not removing damage against incaps


Pfff, then you have to increase the incap health. The medic dying from one ability cycle is rough.


I could go for more incap health.


It works both ways, if the Monster makes one mistake then they lose, if the Hunters make one mistake, then they lose. Incap doesn’t need any more heal, all that really needs to be done here, is the Monster should not be able to damage downed Hunters.

It could be argued that its a legit strat, as taking time to attack downed Hunters makes them dead at the cost of being shot in the back a LOT. But, if that’s your argument then I say incap health should function something like the Relay Shield, in that they are only easy to kill if all of their allies have left them to bleed out.


How? Which mistake would that be?


-trapped in the wrong spot

-overcommit to a single down


So, @deanimate there’s a thing.


You cannot lose a game due to one bad dome.
Overcommitment is not a “single” mistake. You are doing it for a period of time. It’s an active decision.

But enough of that. ^^


Oh thank goodness.


"Incap attacks have been removed"
If that referring to the attack the monster does with melee’s on the hunter when they’re incapped?

Christ, it’s hard enough as it is to actually do anything without making incaps harder to kill. Though I do agree they should be but right now it’s all about the dropship. Can’t do anything at S1, S2 you lose a ton of health for a measly strike or two (no strikes is quite common) and then S3 you will have at least a minute dropship when you kill someone so you need to get them out the game, armour up and come back before they’re in. It’s not ideal and should be more about getting a strike for some fair health loss but strong teams just rek right now.


play versus good hunters one bad dome is enough.

but it´s funny because in your video the hunters apparantly did two mistakes too and not a single one :wink:


Yeah, I agree that the heals and shields are a bit too strong right now. But that’s another problem. You should get people down. But you shouldn’t be able to kill them so easily after they are downed.

Have you played Evolve Stage 2 yet?
Yeah, touché, the hunters did two mistakes. 1) the medic got downed, 2) the team didn’t manage stay alive until the dropship arrives.
I don’t want to emphasize on the “single mistake” topic. It’s just that a downed medic shouldn’t be killed that easily. That’s my point here. ^^

The strike in the stage 2 dome was a little mistake that did not cost them the game. That wasn’t where things escalated.


yes i did, but i am on a level where i absolutely can not argue balance. i am 100% winratio with monster… but what does that say when half the people disconnect before the game starts.


Because healing and shields are so strong the only way for a monster player to make progress right now is to go crazy on the medic or support for a quick down and keep them down. If hunters were easier to kill over long periods rather than being so bursty then things would be much smoother and mistakes far less punishing. That’s what people hate about Wraith, to win you HAVE to swoop in, do absurd burst damage and bail because you have no team-wide damage. Gorgon and Meaty have more of a focus on team-wide damage, but with the prevalence of Rogue Val these days they can have a tough time getting damage on more than one person. Switching Acid Spit to a dot might help with that, but we’ll have to see.