Single class hunter team


Greetings folks,

Here is a fun topic. Imagine a game mode where all the hunters play different characters from a single class.

How would a team of Val, Lazarus, Caira and Slim fare against each monster? Could monsters even do anything against crazy team of Markov, Hyde, Parnell and Torvald? How long could he escape from Maggie, Griffin, Abe and Crow? Can monsters even catch Hank, Bucket, Cabbot and Sunny, constantly hiding each other.

Naturally, there will never be a game mode like this for very obvious reasons. But that doesn’t stop us from theorizing possible scenarios.


Calling it for an April fools joke.


I think an all Support team would have an excellent chance. PLENTY of damage, escapability, etc.


With all the tracking abilities they might find monster but they can’t keep him trapped so I don’t think they could do much damage before stage 3, unless monster commits to fight and makes a mistake (which could be easy to do, these guys are pretty good in combat). At stage 3… well, they have two shields and 4 cloaks. It would certainly be a looong and funny fight.


I think Trapper team is the worst.

They don’t have enough damage, escaping skills.

a few range abilities of monsters are really dangerous and lethal to them.

Assault team or Support team are the best.


Why supports when you can literally melt the monster with 4 assaults? They would survive long enough with there shields to obliterate the monster.


Well… with 4 trappers combined monster is in trouble. They WILL find him before stage 2, that’s for sure. Crowd control is the thing, if two of them focus on limiting monster’s movements than two of them can do damage. Not much, but still damage. And let’s not forget… 4 trappers means INFINITE arena.

The problem is… can assaults, supports and trappers kill the monster before he kills them. They have no way to heal themselves.

Which leads me to medic team. Their survivability would be very high, but their damage is minor… hmm.


If they fight against Wraith and Behemoth, Trapper team is surely perfect against them.

Both are especially weak on stage 1,2

but I’m not sure they could win against Goliath or Kraken with 2 mastered range skills at stage 2.

As you know, Rock throwing, Fire breath, Lightning strike,Voltex don’t care about traps or Crowd controls.

a few lucky range attacks could make them down easily even monster is on stage 1 :slight_smile:

it’s just my poor opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… I guess you are right. It would depend on what monster it is and how did it distributed the 3 points into his skills.

I am now imagining Griffin and Maggie desperately harpooning Goliath, Abe spams grenades and ocasionally shots him with shotgun as a distraction while Crow is in the distance, charging his kinetic rifle and melting Goliaths health.

Would be fun.