Since we are alredy nerfing Wraith, can we discuss about a certain hunter comp that has been ridicously unbalanced for months?


Hello im a veteran monster player on the pc with around 600 hours on evolve.

it’s stage 2 beta so things might change, and altough many newbies
probably will disagree with me because they havent seen this in action
here it goes.

im talking about the famous “censor because it’s banned in these forums comp” sunny griffin and val,a
comp that has been dominant and utterly stupid for months on end.

for those of you that dont know, this comp was considered by the
community utterly infuriating to fight as a monster, because it utterly
excels in every stage of the game.

the other comps either sacrifice defence for offence, making them a
bigger threat for a stage 1 monster, (sorta like abe,lazarus,bucket, and
hyde), but less efficient once the monster is stage 3

then we have the defensive comps, like hank, caira, maggie, and
markov, who arent soo good early game but they are stronger at relay

and then we have this comp

it’s downright the best comp to chase the monster, with sunny jetpack
boosters and val tranquing the monster you can reach the monster in no
time, and once griffith is on your ass, well he certainly aint gonna go
away anytime soon, should you make it at the third stage, focussing one
hunter will have you screwed in one way or another.

you focus sunny val has the best single target healing in the game,
so she aint gonna go down anytime soon, if that isnt enough griffith
will prevent you from climbing any wall with his harpoon.

you focus val, she is gonna have the jetpack booster and on top the shield drone while your ass is perma harpooned

you focus griffith, yeah good luck killing a guy that is perma healed and shielded

you focus the assault, you probably need an headcheck or 2

evolve stage 2 made this comp even worst.

it’s now impossible to sneak from the hunters, so that small hope of
reaching the second stage without having them on your ass 24/24 is now

on top of that they now get a speed boost while tracking you.

there is literally no reason for a comp to be so utterly good at
everything, it has been like this for months now and the fact that stage
2 made this worst is just infuriating as a monster player.



It’s very easy to escape hunters in the new meta, even with a Sunny and Griffin. The maps are much more open. And you might not be able to sneak anymore (at least not for extended periods of time), but you can still juke the planet scanner.

I use Goliath though, other monsters might be worse, idk.


no it’s not, the new map design prevents the hunters from abusing poorly abused geometry to fight the monster and that was definetely a success on the dev team, the hunters are however faster, and this comp wich was alredy pretty sticky got impossible to break free, especially if you are goliath or behemoth.


New player havent had a chance to play in 1 of this comp. Griffin is my fav now and i do find his sound spikes very useful, better than Abe. rather leave the tracking to val or rogue val for precise location. let the sound spike determine the general area the monster will be in.

rest of the trappers doesnt seem that useful compared to Griffin yet. I sniff tracks better than Daisy >.> and the bird does only seem useful when you have already sighted monster previously and he is sneaking hiding behind somewhere in the immediate area and you lost him for a sec, or he has managed to hide in a dome battle and you needed to find him asap to prevent armor channeling.

i think the redesigned gameplay still needs a lot of balancing from hunter and monster sides, as i also complained wraith is too strong.


well griffith per se it’s not the problem, the character as a whole it’s fairly balanced, the problem is that griffith only weakness is that he has no way to prevent the monster to go ham on him like the other trappers, and that is removed in the moment you have the strongest single target healer in the game, plus your shielded and have a boost to your jetpack, sunny “weakness” if you can even call it that, is that you need to focus her while costantly destroyng the drone(and frankly the fact that there still isnt a cd on the bloody thing is stupid), but with griffith you cant do that, youll be costantly pooned and sunny will be costantly healed


Ugh. Not the ****** comp again.

Never ever saw anything in this comp.
Probably because I’m a Behemoth main and abuse tongue grab.


dude as one behemoth main to another it’s even worst than before, hunters are faster and the local wildlife has less food, giving them even more time to pester you at stage 1, sneaking is out of the question with the scanner and once they are on your butt your dead.


I like the new Behemoth other than speed.

Haven’t had any trouble battling.


Well if that does work out often for this comp, i’m for it on how this comp will be tweaked to make it a less effective comp. Even though i use Griffin and i love winning. I like fair games, or nearly fair, since it’s hard to really balance a 4v1 type of game.

the earlier post i was just saying was just based on my limited knowledge of the game. What i want is that for example all the hunters in a respective class to be somewhat equally useful. I just feel Griffin is more useful in general and the other trappers only situationally useful.


The maps are much bigger now, much more room to create space between you and the hunters. I guess we can just agree to disagree, I haven’t had any issues with this comp in Stage 2.


sorry man but your not fighting good hunters if you not having any problem


Have you played this comp in stage 2?


They nerfed their sprint speed so I dont see how they are faster. If anything monster are a lot faster than before.


i did i had absolutely no problem sticking to the monster, with faster i meant the speed boost that the scan gives to you, combined with the the fact that sunny can yolo boost an hunter to the monster location and bam he will have his ass trapped for the rest of the game, i still have to lose one game as a hunter with this comp, but this is not necessarely a new thing there has been complaints regarding it for months, and since the monster takes more time to stage up now, added with the fact that sneak is useless, (and really if you lose the monster with the scanner than there is something wrong with you)


The same argument can be made that you aren’t fighting good monsters. Also, hunters automatically have advantage since they have communication if they are premade, so most of the time a competent team of hunters will win against a competent monster. On the down side, most hunters aren’t premade and will most likely lose to a monster if there is no communication. Monsters are stronger than they ever been and hunters are actually seem to be in the most balanced state in like…ever. Hunters shouldn’t be punished just because they have a good synergy Cough Slim and Hank Cough


The developers have said that they want to make some changes to Sunny, so this will get some attention in the future, but It is toward the middle of the priority list right now.


I missed it in the quote but your talking about sunnys drone.
Now while the drone has no cooldown on the ability itself. The actual drone has a charge up/set up timer of about 8 seconds.
The reason for no cooldown is this reason.
If they remove the set up timer, meaning as soon as you lay the drone it is actively sheilding, then yes there cld be a cooldown.
But if they add a cooldown, then they will have to give the drone itself more health so that it is harder to destroy.
The reasoning is because it wld be unfair for a hunter to have an ability come off cooldown, pop it, then have the monster destroy it before it charges up, an then you efficiently have a completely USELESS ability.
The issue monsters have with sunnys drone is that they arw not actively keeping track of it. When you spot the drone being set up, you have 8 while seconds to either, destroy it (which is not the best idea because then you begin chasing drones the whole match), or you can force the fight away from the drone rendering it useless an needing replaced.
It takes a bit of choice guerrilla tactics to “outsmart” the drone but it is definitely do-able.
Its hard to explain, but basically you need to keep sunny spamming the drone while trying to chase you. Hit the team, drone pops, run until you break LOS, turn around land your combos and force a strike on a single hunter, then run away again, wash rinse repeat.
If they leave you alone an dont chase you, you get your armor back.
Sunny excels at utilizing her team on the chase and in the brawl. So you have to fight her team with a different approach then the normal tactics. Much like how hunters have to change there tactics for kraken or bob to have better success.
I hope that this info can be useful for any of you returners and newcomers.
Im also happy to continue almost any debate on sunny, i have alot of experiance with and against her.


Yeah and if they add a cool down they would probably remove the charge time which means instant shielding when it is deployed. In its current state monster could be constantly destroying before it even starts shielding.


This guy^^^^^ gets it.


look i dont mean to boast but im alredy placed in mid silver, so the monsters that i face are at the very least decent, also this is not exactly a new thing if you followed the evolve competitive scene, where sunny is permapicked or banned every game.