Since the Behemoth patch, wildlife spawning has been super sluggish


I neglected to post this right after the patch as I’m usually just a lurker, but I haven’t seen it mentioned at all. Wildlife is spawning a lot slower for the monster player. Sometimes I’ll walk past a mammoth bird spawn, like the north-east of weather control, and they will literally spawn in front of me after a few critical seconds. The same happens with elite wildlife; including the buff giving ones.

On maps where elite wildlife perks can spawn pretty close to the dropship, (Weather control, orbital drill… etc.) and seeing as how they matter so much in PUGs, the sluggish spawn rate has really hurt my monster play. You get 45 seconds to eat before the hunters arrive and when you have to sit there just so they spawn it makes a dramatic difference in how much food you can chug and what elite perks you can grab. This is noticeable on almost every map and when my friends and I run customs they can even tell where I am just because wildlife hasn’t spawned yet in a certain area. (It spawns faster if I’m nearby)


There has been couple threads made about this post dunno if @MacMan has looked up on this issue, well here goes the summoning is done xD


I noticed this before T4 came out, the patch just seemed to worsen it


Before the T4 patch it would only occasionally be at the end of your smell range. Now it’s pretty much every distance.


I’ve definitely noticed this myself. If this was an intentional change, it was definitely a decent hit to Monsters (and quite unnecessary I might add). If it was not intentional, I hope it is being looked at for a fix.


Just last night I was playing as Goliath, I just evolved and there was no food around. Then a mammoth bird appears out of fucking nowhere and takes a chunk of my health. I literally walked into a spawning mammoth bird and it attacked me without armour… Y U DO DIS


Sorry to kind of bump my own topic here but I have yet to see this issue even be recognized despite many players acknowledging that it exists. Wildlife being slow to spawn really does make a big impact on the monster’s starting 45 seconds.


Yeave ive noticed it as well cause ill be rolling around and then look behind me and see things spawning and they werent there before and it pisses me off cause im like thats food I could have had and gotten one step closer to evolving. Its the reason its so hard for Behemoth to evolve once now days…


I feel like today’s micropatch has made the issue even worse. Sometimes not even Reavers spawn until minutes in.


Just had a teammate, playing Monster for the first time since 2.0, comment on this today.

“Wait, where is all the wildlife? I’ve always gone this way to start on this map, but nothing is here this time.”



Yeah, evolved to stage 3 today and I had to search for a minute to find food. Finally found 3 reavers. I’m not even sure if wildlife is respawning at all anymore.