Since Go4Evolve's about to RIP *EDIT - Not actually going to RIP*


Maybe TRS can expand the tournament scene to have a “TRS Open Ladder” or Battlefy for the ESL teams without a home. I know some may say that ESL only had two teams last week participating, yet I know Dill Dozers would’ve played if I hadn’t been away for the holidays. I’m sure I’m not the only one unable to participate in ESL, due to the current time of year.

All I’m saying is that it’d be nice if we could play in another weekly tournament OR ladder, at least one that’s sanctioned by an official entity. If TRS or ESL can’t, then maybe the community will put something together.

Everyone can haz dreams and stuff,



It’s not rip, there will be continued Go4Evolve’s in 2016. Right now things are just going on a break as the new year rolls in and we still have the December monthly final coming up on Jan 9th. More information will be put out soon don’t worry.


That’s great! Now I’m gonna get greedy and say that it’d be amazing if ESL could change their rules completely. Maybe ESL’s rules wouldn’t be exactly like TGL, but the way the rules are currently, it’s pretty stale. I think there are others players that feel similarly, but I also think there are some players who prefer the current ESL rules. At least having a vote here on the forums about rule changes or possibly in ESL’s forums could be a step in the right direction, as this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve changed their rules for the community. However, I also know that TRS/2K certainly has say in the way ESL presents the tournaments. Perhaps TRS could help the community deliberate on how ESL’s tournaments work.


Last time I played in ESL my team and I hated the Tourney holders more so than the guys who beat… well… my Hunter team.


We will be looking to improve the ESL next year as well. Just during the holiday season people from both 2K and ESL are on holiday so there will be more info regarding competitive Evolve next year. I also want to look into solidifying a new competitive ruleset once we start back up again for ESL.


Were they assholes or something? I haven’t watched much ESL.


They’re all kinds of things. I even have specific ESL admins in mind that I’m very displeased with. I looked into how to tell ESL, or someone higher up in the chain of command, about my gripes about those admins. Apparently such a thing doesn’t exist. If an ESL admin is awful, there’s seemingly nothing a user can do about it. That’s a real issue with ESL.


They handled it poorly…

They made a random… uh… I forget the term but they randomized what teams were fighting who and some of the top teams were pitted against each other and instead of duking it out right there they threw a fit and had the list re-randomized.

Wasted about and hour or so because of this.

The “Better” Teams wanted to tackle the lower teams first because for each round they go through they get points so long as they win and if by the end the top teams fight each other it doesn’t matter because they have a for sure placement in the next quarter/finals. Can’t do that if they kill each other from the get go.

My team was in a fairly solid position against other similar teams… until the refresh. Gave us one of the super tryhard teams first and it ended badly for my Hunters. I as Monster won most of my fights but my damn Hunters couldn’t win a one-sided Hunter battle for the life of them.

Point is, ESL is run by jackasses that let the partakers make the rules instead of themselves.

Edit: Hell one time my team (when I first started playing with them) needed a Monster replacement. I came in and did that but I wasn’t properly “registered” and so even though I outright destroyed the enemy team my team had to have another “registered” member fight for me and he lost and thus the team lost.


Sounds like they need a backbone transplant. giving in to whiny players is no good.


Yeah it’s a lot of backstabbing drama like from Armored Core V.

The team I fought the first time and beat them they invited me into their party for a chat. I was all too naive in the matter and didn’t think anything of it. They were asking me questions as my team leader was trying to pull me out. They were being friendly and all but once I told them about me not being registered they went to an admin and since I wasn’t “registered” it didn’t count.

Yeah sure… because having my name on a page means anything. Who the hell cares? I went in, I fought, I took names, I kicked ass and won fair and square but because my name wasn’t on a stupid page it didn’t count.

If anything fuck ESL. About as bad as MLG.


It’s pretty sad that it means so much to them that they have to resort to technicalities to avenge a loss. I remember when games were played for fun.


It’s why I don’t do Tourneys too often. Sportsmanship goes away. If there were Steroids for games people would use them.

It’s bullshit really. Kinda wished I had a stronger Hunter team though. Seen a lot of good Hunter Teams with crummy Monsters…


Oh oh, please let the rules include something along the lines of “Blind picks + You can use a character only once”. ESL got stale because of a stagnation in picks. TGL was a step in the right direction, but suffered the exact same thing. “We ban… kraken” “I ban… Torvald/val/sunny/crow”. Etc. Blind picks, but teams can only pick each character once. Youll never know when a team will pull out their best, or their worst, and doing so becomes a strategy- And you force the diversity that the viewers want. I have no doubt the best teams will still win. Its win win for everyone! :smiley:


I remember reading an interview with a pro gamer where he basically said ALL the top players are on adderall or speed or some shit.


I couldn’t make that ESL due to christmas stuff. Wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case for quite a few people.

Really hope there are more ESL but the rules need changing to say the least. Not just changing though but open to making some changes if it helps the balance. It’s sad how long the ESL rules have allowed for val sunny griff/jack torvald to keep being played. Until they’re balanced a rule change to allow for some bans would help but I get the impression the ESL is not the easiest to approach for rule changes.


I’d agree with that if it was for the next round only, like jack gets banned and crow gets picked, round 2 jack gets banned again, crow cant be picked so say maggie does, 3rd round jack still gets banned, crow can be picked, maggie can’t.

I feel that if you “exausted” a character after playing it to where you are left with a set of hunters that may not work well enough together to deal with any remaining monster choices (pretty sure theres more viable monster picks than there are, say, support picks)

Interesting idea to say the least and I’m with you on the idea of naturally removing picks during a draft without actually using a ban for them.


Well that’s pretty shitty and sad if true…


Id be against bans if the picks were blind and teams were limited to picking a character once


wanna host one?


Perhaps. We’ll see.