Since day one I have never been able to respawn on the drop ship

If I get incap while waiting for a dropship. The game would show the B to respawn on dropship but everytime I want to respawn it always freezes the game.


So even without pressing B, your game will still freeze?
Does this happen in single player as well?

Could you post your Dxdiag in a preformated text box? </>

Running any kind of overclock?
(Even a factory overclock, such as an EVGA SC card)

Certain times games/systems will freeze with overclocks when it goes from very little gpu load, to very high in a short period of time.

if I don’t press b sometimes it won’t bug, but I mostly die if I don’t press b and require another drop ship to drop in

yes it also happens on single player, oddly.

what is dxdiag and how do I do it?

Follow instructions there and click “yes” if asked to evaluate system hardware. Then wait for it to finish, you’ll see a green loading bar in the bottom left of the DXDIAG interface - featured below. Afterward, click the “save information” button by clicking the button that is circled:

EDIT: My green bar finished by the time I took the pic, sorry! But its there on first run I swears!

so I do this after the bug happens?

Its an evaluation of your hardware specs to see if anything odd is reported so do it when you have the time.