Sims 4 Free to Download Until May 28th (Keep Forever)

Hello! Figured some people here might be interested in this. Base game is normally $40 but from now until May 28th, you can claim the game to your Origin library for free and keep it forever, even after the promotion ends. This is just the base game (Standard Edition), though - the paid expansions do not come with this deal.

Pretty sweet offer, though. :grin: I love Sims 3 but I have wanted to try Sims 4 for a long time. Dumping $40 on it wasn’t a pleasant offer when I had several expansions plus dozens of CC on Sims 3, so I’m very happy to see this deal from EA.

If anyone else is in the same boat or just wants a free game, grab it while you can (link below)! :+1:


I’m all up for free stuff and I do love the sims but a word of warning for all. The sims 4 literally has dlc for its dlc’s. Think twice before buying any dlc for the game.

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