Simple Tweaks to Solo Mode to improve it as a training tool


Solo for monsters and hunters works really well, and I know TRS has continued to make improvements to the AI that are noticeable. I have a few suggestions to make solo a better tool for players to practice with, that could hopfully be incorporated in a micro patch or with simple code changes. Some of these suggestions might be used to improve the bots used in PvP as well:

The tweaks would all be tied to the difficulty setting that is in the options menu. I would also suggest a detailed description of what changes with each option to better inform players what is going on behind the scenes. Currently as I understand it, the difficulty setting provides a damage increase buff and a damage reduction buff to the favored side and changes nothing when set to balanced. Here are my proposed tweaks:


  1. For the Favors Hunters setting I would keep the Damage Increase Buff, but reduce the Damage Reduction buff. Some of the changes below should make the bots less squishy in a more realistic manner. There should still be some Damage Reduction however since it does make the bot medics more effective despite the bot AI limitations.

  2. Jetpack: In both Balanced and Favors Hunters settings give the hunters more jetpack fuel and/or a much faster jetpack recharge rate. This is to compensate for the poor jetpack usage and positioning of the bot hunters. Playing monster against the bots it is too easy to land abilities since the hunters are usually out of jetpack fuel. Being able to practice using abilities against bot hunters that can dodge more often would make solo monster play more valuable in preparing a monster for real hunters. It will also let the bot hunters put more pressure on the monster when on the chase. Currently the bots are very slow when tracking/chasing the monster at least partly due to their poor jetpack management.

  3. Movements Speed: In the Favors Hunters setting give all the bots the movement speed perk in addition to another perk. This would also improve both the bot AI dodging in combat and also the pressure the bots would bring in tracking/chasing the monster just like in a real match.


  1. Remove the Damage Increase buff from the Favors Monster setting. The Damage Increase makes it hard to practice as a medic or defensive support because shielding and healing become too imbalanced to work effectively. I recommend a different method to buff the monster’s offense.

  2. For the Balanced difficulty setting, increase the number of ability points given to the bot monster at Stage 1 from 3 to 5 since the bot monster AI is very aggressive and unable to mitigate well it makes it easy to kill a stage 1 monster. Increasing the ability points will give a stage 1 monster better mitigation through offense.

  3. For the Favors Monster difficulty setting give the Monster the Movement Speed perk plus the current Damage Reduction plus the ability cool down perk, and 4 ability points at Stage 1 (with the speed, cdr, and damage reduction buffs, giving the stage 1 monster 5 ability points might be too much!). This will increase the offense of the monster while still keeping healing and shielding relatively balanced for purpose of realistic training/practice.

My hope is that these changes would improve solo play as a practice/training tool with minimal work on the programming side.


I don’t agree with the changes listed. Sorry to say, although you do know that the bots have infinite jetpack fuel right?


Are you saying that you like the current difficulty settings? The points I bring up regarding shortcomings are valid, and if there are some minor changes that can be made without much programming time, then it is a lot more likely to actually see a change. Do you even care about solo play quality, or are you just commenting as part of maintaining your ‘regular’ status on the forums?

If they have infinite fuel they don’t play like it. Maybe they can’t run out of fuel completely, but they can drain the fuel below 25% so they can’t boost? If that is the case, it would require AI programming changes to improve.


They always have 100% jetpack, they can use it indefinitely. However they’re programmed to appear as though they don’t. That way you can’t have a bot go boosting off into space with nothing stopping them. There are limitations set on them.


Thanks for the info. In that case they could loosen the restrictions on boosting during combat so they dodge more often. Currently they dodge 1 or 2 times then just run for several seconds making it hard to miss abilities. Programming the bots to dodge as effectively and strategically as a good hunter would be very difficult and time consuming. Just making the bots dodge more often and move faster will increase the difficulty of landing abilities in a way that is more effective at improving monster skills against real hunters. All damage reduction does is increase the number of abilities a monster needs to land in order to get a down. This helps to train monsters to focus on a single target, but does not help with anticipating dodges or using combos that are more difficult for hunters to dodge away from.


Personally, if there were to be a change to Solo to make it easier for others to learn, I’d prefer having the Hunter or Monster, depending on who you picked, to just stand still so you can explore the map, feeding routes, cupcakes, and then you can make the Hunters fight you when you want.

Please, if he was trying to keep his regular status by commenting, then he’d be on a rant about Slim, while being completely rational and tame that is. /kappaonthelastpart

I just want there to be difficulty options. Easy is well, self explanatory. Then, there’d be options like proffesional, extremely hard, etcetera. The Monster would take the best feeding route, can dodge or focus down someone very well. The Hunters could dodge better, and really great at tracking and whatnot.


the only changes I would like to see to the solo/AI would be that

if I’m playing as medic/support or assault that the AI trapper actually track the monster (Maggie never follows daisy I end up doing it)

if I’m playing the monster the hunters spread out a bit and tone down the hunter perfect vision and trapper that doesn’t know where I am all the time. eg completely hidden in big bushes/plants (fusion plant) as wraith watched hunters come into smell range trapper just makes a straight line to me and throws dome

balance out the AI monster esp. goli the amount of times goli derps out n stands there like a retard is annoying (ive droped domes half way through just so he can escape) but, on the flip side there has been plently of time where monsters have actually put up a good fight and sometime won. so more consistency in attacking when domed or cornered and retreating when necessary.

I do use solo for practice (or when I get sick to death of high ping connection issues) and I use it for doing masteries


I’d like to see more pictures related to the tips during loading screens. Telling new players is OK, but showing them would be more effective imo. Although more pics = more space. But they are getting rid of tutorials so…

Overall, any help in solo makes a great impact on multiplayer. :smile:


My suggestions are built around making the alternate difficulty levels for solo mode more challenging in a way that simulates playing against a good hunter premade team, or a high level monster, while making minor code changes that could be done quickly and easily. There would still be a need for testing, which could make the effort too expensive to pursue based on priorities. There is tons of room for improvement and lots of things that could be done to improve solo mode, but realistically I don’t think you can expect too many resources to be spent on improving solo mode.