(simple) SLIM QoL suggestion


@GentlemanSquirl, has the dev team considered making the secondary fire/scope on spore cloud launcher a trigger for manual detonation?

  • helps Slim be more effective against Kraken by denying airspace
  • might not make sense intuitively, but neither does a dome that reduces duration based on damage to monsters/hunters
  • who needs to scope a spore launcher


@LordDeath Thoughts?


Detonating a projectile manually is not something we have the ability to do currently. It’s a cool idea though.


Slim adaptation confirmed!!!1!


I honestly want right click to activate heal burst when Slim is using his Leech Gun. The only way I can work around this is binding heal burst to RMB in the settings, but the problem is I have to rebind it if I’m playing something like Val where RMB is used to scope in her rifle.


I have my class ability bound to ‘shift’, specifically for Slim without really affecting how other characters play. I have moved scoping on ‘ctrl’ which I like because I dislike any tightness in my aiming hand that might occur when using RMB to scope.


Yeah, when I started using Slim I just rebound Scope to LShift and Class Ability to RMB. It’s not for everyone, but I highly recommend trying it for a few matches.

It worked a treat for me and it is like that on all of my characters now.