Simple information sharing on dot perks


Poisonous/acid rounds damage doesn’t get added on waepon damage after match. Let’s say you are Maggie and have acid rounds, and the damage indicator says that you’ve done 5k damage in total with your Machine Pistol. That means 5k is pure bullet damage, and acid damage isn’t added there.
Be proud dot users, cause you’ve been doing more damage than you thought you have :smile:

And one more thing: dot damage with waepon doesn’t renew poisonous/acid rounds dot(i.e. Fire damage of Waggie). Weapons that doesn’t cause direct damage at all will never cause acid damage(i.e. Rogue Val’s poison dart gun).

Have a good day everyone.


Here is maybe more important information that people do not know:
Poison dot does not stack with yar squad,so only one person in your team should have poison perks.
If people ask you ‘bucket do you take poison’ try to answer yes-no[something that never happens in pub]