Simple definitions for hunters


Simple descriptions for hunters:
Markov: Medium range defense
Hyde: Close range area blocker
Parnell: Large amount of damage
Torvald: Bursts of high damage

Val: Anti-monster medic
Lazarus: Sideline Reviver
Caira: group healer
Slim: Mulitask medic (heal and damage)

Maggie: Constantly pursuing
Griffin: Super effective slowing
Abe: Won’t let the monster get away
Crow: Versatile

Hank: Pro team
Bucket: Anti monster
Cabot: Monster’s never safe
Sunny: Help focused teammates

What do you think?


What does anti monster mean, because if its a stab at my favs Val and bucket we’re gonna have a problem :rage:

Edit: for slim I would put worst healburst


I think it means that everything they have is dedicated to F-ing a monsters day up


If so I approve :grinning: :thumbsup:


I would say Slim: Combat Medic

For Bucket I think it would be Perimeter Defense

Other than that it’s pretty spot on.


Bucket and hyde are technically in the area denial class, same with hank.