Simple behemoth questions


Does his rock wall still break? or is it on purpose?

is it still near impossible to escape the hunters if they find you at stage 1 due to carrion birds? aka instant loss or dragged loss?

Does he still freeze in the air?

Does his tongue grab still glitch and doesnt pull?

or if you can add other info on him that would be great,

anyways really want to play him, >.> i kill him all the time as a hunter when im not either wraith or goliath
just want to know if its safe to play him, without the stress of knowing i lost before i even started



Do not play Behemoth at the moment in hunt. You will lose unless the trapper is total trash (or is Maggie). You will not get to stage 2.


Your forgetting Val’s tranqs, Sunny’s booster, Caira’s speed boost, Parnell’s SS


Yes! No!

Not impossible, but terrible hard versus a decent team, I would go with impossible.

Haven’t happened to me yet.

No it doesn’t, almost cost me the game yesterday versus a very annoying pillar climbing support


Rock wall still definitely glitches if you place it too close, might still glitch otherwise, but haven’t seen it


Need to fight at stage 1. He’s the most powerful monster at s1. Chuck 3 in lava bomb or 2 fissure one wall. If they are right on top of you then make your way to a good place to fight and let them trap you then go for strikes or knock down trapper. He gets murdered if playing defensively at any stage so need to take it to them a bit


I kill just fine with him and have very long drawn out battles against good players, but rock wall glitching can and will hinder your plans occasionally. Can’t tell you how many times I tried to lock a hunter in and the rock wall decides to leave a little hole for them.

And it’s not a issue of the wall being to close, it’s just buggy.


soo what ur saying is if i practice behemoth now, i will be OP when hes fixed?


Yes, yes, no, never seen that before, and havent seen that either.


Yes. And it is purposeful, I think. Certain things the wall can’t go thru, although I think that list of things is a tad ridiculous.

That’s SOOOO not an instant loss.

Occasionally it happens to me when using Fissure.

Never had this happen, so I’m gonna have to say no.

He got an armor and health buff. So that’s a plus.


Lol. Okay then.


Might not be instant but you will never be able to get more than 10 ft away from them unless, again, they are total trash and don’t fill your ass with harpoons/stasis/tranqs or w/e.


Yeah I have to go with @FrontlinerDelta. When playing a good team all I can say is good luck getting away. I have been trying, but its not easy I just try taking feeding speed and hope I am fast enough to get to stage 2 anymore. I played a few really good premades last night, and I couldn’t get away I was just slowed the whole game. Its possible but I will just take Goliath for a good team.


Agreed, if you can get to Stage 2, you have a good chance of winning with Behemoth. Getting there isn’t even close to being guaranteed though.

Goliath is more reliable that’s for sure.


yeah recently played a full team of hunters they were decent but i couldnt escape after 3rd meal carrion birds -_-, why do good teams use griffin against behemoth :cry: WHY!!!??