Similarities between monsters


I mean this in general. The way they play, they way they look and act. I feel like Wraith and Gorgon play similar but take different approaches. They both have the ability to ambush but do so differently. Wraith seems much better at easily ambushing a single target while gorgon can quickly surprise an entire team with her combos. Goliath and behemoth both being brawlers that can toss hunters around and restrict movement, although behemoth does a better job at restricting movement while Goliath has much more mobility in combat. And then there’s Kraken, who is pretty unique in every way, from flying to specialising in attacking from a mid to long range. I know Elder Kraken is soon available which provides a contrast to regular Kraken but I feel that if a new monster is to be made, it’s should have similarities to Kraken, potentially focusing on dealing damage over time rather than burst. Easier to hit but takes less damage. Maybe a monster that looks like it could fly but is in fact ground based, in contrast to a water based creature being able to fly and use electricity.


I already made a thread about this. You can find it here