Silver monsters disguising themselves as Det ranks


Is this a new thing or has it been around for a while? I’ve been seeing players, silver ranked obviously by the play style and elite icon, disguising themselves as determining ranks to throw people off. I doubt they just came back to play after a while seeing how they play. Is this a thing? We’ve underestimated them (my team) and we end up getting destroyed. It’s extremely…annoying.


Welcome to Smurfville.


I was thinking the same thing.
I noticed how det. rank players had elite icons and play style.
Why/how is it so ?


People making smurf accounts.


i just think is cheap, similar to a behemoth at refuelling tower who rock walled us off of the generator constantly with ability cool down. Awful lot of elite behemoths recently…


Or perhaps they simply don’t play ranked.

You can play pubs or solo to elite every single character and then pop into ranked. I can play Monster to a Silver Master level from just pubs. If I were to play Ranked all over again from Det. Rank I would have the skill of a SM but be a det. ranked.

To have elites and be a determining rank would make no sense to be on a smurf account. Making a new account just to elite characters all over again is silly to me.


True, very true.


Fair enough


It’s also a bug where you will appear as a determining rank. Has happened to myself and friends


So to provide a reason to why people smurf in Evolve, my reason for having an alt account, is actually just as simple as getting into games faster without sitting through quickplay and being forced to play something other than hunt.

I understand that if it is extremely one sided it can be pretty frustrating for anyone who is not the same rank as the person(s) who appear to be a rank even lower than yourself.

Look at it this way, if enough time goes by for me as a monster, I will eventually get paired against someone who is extremely new to the game or is a fairly low rank which is pretty much the exact same thing as me being on a “rankless” account, only difference is time spent in queue.

For me specifically, I get the added pleasure of teams constantly queue dodging me simply based off of my name when it comes up. Personally I do take it as a compliment from that team if they feel they don’t have a good chance and that’s why they dodge but that does end up increasing my already long wait time and I feel that this is a real good example as to why a smurf may be an option.

Hopefully this helps understand the, “why” people do it. Just wanted to provide that argument, there are two sides to the coin in this situation and I recognize that both sides are just as frustrating as the other.


i know there’s some people who will play rank and lose just to lose points and be sent into bronze over time to have quicker MM


Smurf’s come in all shapes and sizes. They are a disease, and they will never go away. Always remember it could be a smurf. Every time you fight a dr, just ask yourself, is he a smurf? it’ll save you one day.


or they just don’t play hunt 2.0 ^,-


Smurfing is great because then you get to use monsters that suck, so it actually even s the playin’ field.



Lol. It’s not a disease. It’s not even trolling. These people who spent a lot of time in the game have every right to play the full game just like everyone else. People should not be looked down upon for being good at the game. Is it their fault the game won’t pair them with anyone else? I would like to think its the system that is needing to be worked upon.

Should no newbie want to repeatedly get his butt kicked, that is on a player to player basis. But the people who have to wait a long time just to play the game because they won a few rounds? That’s player vs system, which won’t end well for the player or system if said player quits.


same here man. I play pubs n solo. ive elited all my monsters, griffin, emet and hank. I’m a bronze elite hunter and still a det rank monster. last time I played ranked as monster it took 35 mins to find a match then half way through I got disconnected tried again played 2 matches but took 2hrs to do that so… pubs for me. one day I might rank my monster :).


or you could plug in ur mic and just ask them


I have all monsters elite and am still a determining rank, simply because i lost 3 out of my fist 5 placement matches due to glitches/disconnects and I decided to give up. I played 2 matches after that but with he amount of time it took it just wasnt worth it


Don’t underestimate. I’m not a smurf account but was also still Determining Rank until recently because I never bothered to deal with the long queus, though I like to think I’m not a bad Goliath player.
I’m sure there’s still some other Monster players left as well who haven’t done their placement matches yet.

As for the issue you describe, it’s been discussed multiple times before.

  • Most people agree that it’s toxic and absurd.
  • Some people, including myself, don’t mind because they know how ridiculous queus can be at high ranks and if anything somehow gets fixed, it should be the long queuing before the smurfing.

Otherwise you’re just forcing people to deal with one of the most discussed and ridiculed aspects of the game - the long loading times.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but perhaps it’d be better if you take a look at the past threads to see if there’s something that hasn’t been brought to the table yet, otherwise you’ll just end up beating a dead horse.