Silver monster vs. Bronze/undetermined hunters

If you want out of bronze hell, then you will probably have to party up with people and beat some of the silver monsters you are getting matched against. This is your opportunity to get out of bronze. I would maybe stop looking at it as a burden and more of as an opportunity. Make the system less confident by beating people the system thinks you should lose too. I may be wrong here, but I believe this will cause your volatility to increase again meaning higher point swings.

Regardless, finding a group of people to play with is essential. Pubs are horrible.

Yep it’s bullshit…Been having this issue ever since Hunt 2.0 came out. Pugging it just isn’t worth the time

Are you the guy I just lost to that was being a total ass so I spammed your inbox for a good 5 minutes?
He was bragging cause he ROFL stomped a pug team -_- nothing to brag about there

One thing is proclaiming that the system isn’t working (Which I agree with), another thing is telling someone to fuck off after they said a joke.

You should really just calm down.

Chill brah…just chill

Back at ya


You really not getting over it are you kid. First you cry, then you think you’re actually annoying me by spamming my message box by throwing in ‘you’re a faggot’ voice messages whilst crying…

Now you search me out on game forums and immediately make yourself look a tool for all to see.


It’s OK, its not your fault :wink:

‘Your Done’

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I knew it!!

HAHAHAHA Awesome. This bro is such a noob. When you talk crap and scream into the mic because you ROFL stomp a pug group…you know you’re a low life

“You’re done” I think that’s what you meant :wink:

This bro is hopeless

Now let’s not make things up now bro…was hardly screaming :wink:

But making you take 20 mins outta your day to entertain me with your butthurt raging was a win.

But still agree with on match making issues :slight_smile:

*BTW that was an injoke for forum regs…its OK that you didn’t get it :wink:

You were acting like a fool…Talking shit stroking your monster ego. I THEN decided to spam you. I’m not saying either one of us acted mature BUT you start shit expect resistance.

Yeah but the real joke is that you think what you did was annoying, which is rather sad. How far you took it though was GLORIOUS.

But to bring it down a notch, it does show the problems matchmaking has. Even with the regions opened in MM so I,from UK, could MM with my close friend above from the US and still have search time issues and getting mixed low division hunter teams vs much higher rated monster players is really no fun for either side.

I can vouch for @CockneyCharmer. We ran into each other randomly and he stomped my pug team, but he sent me a message saying “GG” and a polite note on here. He doesn’t seem like the instigator type from what I’ve seen.

This is hilarious. Please keep going… @CockneyCharmer is feeding on tears indeed.

The Hunt 2.0 ranking and matchmaking system is a complete and utter failure.

If you’re good at the game you get punished with ridiculously long wait times.
If you’re in bronze league you get constantly miss-matched.
If you’re a decent solo hunter you get stuck in the bronze league trench due to moronic team-mates constantly throwing the game for you.

The only people benefiting from this new ranking system is average skill, silver ranked monsters.
Everyone else suffers.

It’s time TRS put their hands up and just say “alright, we got it wrong, we’re sorry”.

@CockneyCharmer And @BeforetheFall Both of you shut up and stop this pointless argument. It’s not gonna change anything that happened or make anything different except make you two look like children that got slapped silly by their mother. So kiss and make up dammit! Or uh, just make up. Haha

“2 hours ago”

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Monsters like myself already have to wait 10 minutes, minimum, just to get a game, sometimes it extends to 20, then 30, then 40. I have never breached 20. Making us wait exclusively for Silvers will make us wait hours. Silver and Gold Hunters only run premades, hence why there are so few at a time. Games go from 10-20 minutes, then the next Monster in the queue then gets to play, and so on and so forth.

If they prefer Monster, they prefer Monster. If they can’t get a premade then they don’t want to pull around a bunch of hungry chihuahuas trying to get food from the nearest deadly wildlife.

That’s the thing. People play Hunter, lose, get fed up, play Monster, wait endlessly, and repeat. There’s no winning and forcing Monsters to wait longer just to give Hunters a “chance” isn’t fair.

By math standards, you need 80% of the playerbase to prefer Hunter and 20% to prefer Monster, as it stands, it is probably the other way around. The math adds up, except, not in the way TRS hopes it would.

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Well excuse meh for having a life and not being able to be on all the dang time


On a more serious note my point was still made :slight_smile:

Maybe so but it was pointless and could fire the arguement up again…