Silver monster vs. Bronze/undetermined hunters

Every single pug match I’ve been in today has been silver monsters versus bronze and undetermined hunters. Every single one. What’s the point in ranks of we can’t get paired in fair matches?


It’s because there’s too many Monsters and not enough Silver hunters and Gold hunters to match.


Then the silver monsters just need to sit and wait for silver hunters, or rejoin as hunters. 50% of Evolve players can’t play monster just because it’s easier to go solo, and expect the other 50% to make up 80% of the characters and lose constantly. The math doesn’t work, and continues to be really frustrating.

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We do wait for silver hunters we wait countless amounts of times but eventually the system says “F*** it you’ve waited long enough, here’s a game with lower skilled Hunters where you’ll get one point.”

And more people would rather go into Hunt 2.0 with a full group rather than play with randoms because randoms tend not to be the best.

I’m Gold as of two matches ago and I already have Silver Hunters backing out of fighting me.

Like I said, join the hunters, then.

Opposite for me, while playing in my “determining rank” phase I kept getting matched up with gold rank hunters that obliterated me. When I got matched with lower levels I’d win though, kinda annoying.

Yet there is not a single move towards increase in players. No sale, no ads, no free weekend, no articles.
And now there is even no streamers, I repeat no streamers.

Hunt 2.0 is designed for high-pop, but, yeah… game is going back to pre-patch nubmbers.

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And there wont be many more silver hunters. Its impossible to get higher ranked without a premade team. I’ve dropped 50 points in the last 2 days bc all I can fight are silver monsters as a bronze hunter, with undetermined teammates. If it wereally evenly matched, I think I’d get there, but so far, it’s not happening.

You assume too much, Eye.

LosSalvatierras does play hunter. I’ve fought his team a couple times. They’re like Silver Destroyer or Master.

Maybe find a team yourself?

Speaking of, @LosSalvatierras, you looking for any more hunters for your team, like when somebody’s not online? I’m having trouble finding teams to run with on PS4. :smiley:

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Lol thanks forgot to mention that point. And sure send me a friend request whenever :smile:

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:smile: great, will do in a bit. On my phone atm. I play anything, but medics and trappers are my main elites so you can tell where most of my non-monster time played sits

I’m on ps4, look me up some time of you need one more. I’m eyedoc81 on there, too.

Hunter tears are just nourishment to monster players :slight_smile:

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I’m getting pretty bored of facing against the bronzers. I have like 60 wins now and so many people are higher above on the leaderboards with way less wins. Its annoying that they apparently get to face good hunters but I’m doomed to mediocrity.

I found a decent team of bronzers last night. We won 3 games in a row, and i got 9 points total. We lost the 4th game, and I lost 10. I’m never gonna get out of bronze.

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I’ve got the same experience, I went back and forth at Bronze Destroyer because of not communicating team mates, crashes, "lobby doenst exist, +1 points in close matches with decent mates/opponents.
But I’ve made it to Silver. Wanna listen how?

Monster player was afk on spawn. And the dropship kill gave me +63 points. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

When 2.0 first dropped, I got put in bronze, and I blame really bad pug teams. I fought my way up to Silver, but then dropped back to bronze. My point values used to fluctuate more, but now I only seem to get 3 points for a win, and -5 for a loss. I’ve got about 65 more points to climb to get back to bronze again, cause it just keeps sinking.

That is by design. With more matches played, the system can more accurately place you and your volatility decreases.

I understand that, but now I would have to win every game to ever have a chance to climb up to silver. One loss negated 3 wins. I think i’m destined to stay in bronze.