Silver Keys


I love where the game is going! So glad you guys brought the game back to life! However I only have one issue, and that’s how painfully slow it is grinding keys… If you could increase keys per match or let us see the hidden challenges so we can get keys it would be great. That’s the ONLY issue I am having with the new model. Good job otherwise TRS!


Agreed. Getting keys seems a tad bit slow. Could be improved a bit. Not by much, but just a bit


Agreed. I used to be getting somewhere between 50 - 1,500 keys per match. Now I’m lucky if I break 200.


It slows down after a little while. I think a good option is making Challenges give you considerably more Silver Keys. It makes them much more rewarding and worth doing without making it too easy to get Silver Keys.


Oh. Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you think it’s slow now, right now we have a double Key weekend, so…

The current rate of getting Keys will be halved in a couple of days.


change characters from now and then. most keys you get from leveling up and do secret challenges


i agree it need to get a little bit upped.


The devs are interested on feedback as to the progression of keys earnings, and are open to tweaking it if they can see the need.

Personally I think that the double keys weekend amount is fair as a standard level, so I guess I’d like to see the rate increased by 100%!

@Satanel has a fair point below too, though since you can earn most perks through levelling up characters I don’t know… I’m torn, I don’t think the rate is too far off but I’m aware that the big levelling up gains will soon stop for me and I’ll feel like it’s all gone sluggish!


Silver Keys in comparison to currencies in other games seem to be at a reasonable rate. I would argue that the prices of Perks should be decreased (as they are a relatively big factor in-game) but the rate itself is fine.


I felt the same, if this double weekend was normal income I’d be all for it, but the concept of getting half of what I have been receiving after tonight… That isn’t gonna encourage people to keep playing at all.


But keep in mind that if you get too much Silver Keys unlocking all the content will be a joke and that wont help to the people who bought the game an feel that at least they dont have to grind too much for unlock things (dont know if you understand what i mean).

That affect too for the future game economy because if the game is F2P they need to add at some time any monetization system, so like other F2P games maybe they add another currency for buy with real money and unlock things more easy and this won’t have sense if you can get Silver Keys easily.


What I’d say, as a comparison, is Smite feels like a fair rate. You get whatever your favour is for a win, plus a win of the day bonus in that mode, plus your daily sign in bonus. So you can with like 5 or 6 games of Smite, win maybe 250-500 favour a day depending on how you spread your play? This is 5-10% of a single God cost.

In comparison I’m not sure that Evolve is all that different in terms of its gift vs value rate, maybe someone would like to do the math?


Well you have Silver Keys with daily rewards too and you get some free characters with daily rewards, on Smite you dont have character for free on the daily rewards :stuck_out_tongue: I think you get more currency on Evolve than on Smite.


Yeah I think I’m agreeing with your assessment :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: To be more constructive for any Devs reading through… I think the IMPRESSION is that there aren’t enough keys to earn each game because of the cost of perks. Like it’s not clear enough to people that buying perks is something that you should do only if you really can’t wait on levelling up your characters. Take the need to buy perks out of the equation, because of course you don’t, and suddenly you only really need Keys to spend on characters and cosmetics, in which case it’s fully in line with (if not better than) other F2P models.


Yep having to buy Perks with Silver Keys too its a bit downside because you have to choose unlocking chars or unlock Perks. That is a good point for founders because they dont have to buy new characters (at least for now) so they can focus on unloking Perks.


There needs to be more ways to get keys or increase the amount of keys post match or even just reducing the price of the perks.


The only point I want to make is that the income this weekend feels massively low considering it’s a double weekend, which is making me dread when it’s over and I have to do way too many missions just to get a new character. The rate this weekend has been much fairer without flooding me with keys.


Well thats how works F2P games, you need hard work for unlock things or go easy way and buy it.


There’s a difference between ‘working hard’ and ‘meaningless grind’.


Can you buy keys or will you be able to