Silver Keys, Golden keys! the free to play model



So I have A question and a suggestion for turlerock most people may be interested in and I feel needs to be addressed, As I’m sure everyone is aware, a F2P game needs an income source to live and produce new content, Which everybody wants. So what I wish to know is, does Turtlerock studios, or 2k, have a plan for this as of yet? I’ve been looking around and the closest thread I could find was “buying silver keys”.

For the suggestion it’s actually a If you DON’T have a plan, which would surprise me honestly, there’s a simple yet effective model pretty much all F2P games use, the duel monetary system. In your case silver keys are earned, and to earn enough to buy a monster or hunter takes several dozen games, as it should, But we should be able to also buy certain content outright such as monsters, hunters, and skins (oh my!.. couldn’t resist.) via a secondary monetary form, called say “Golden keys” these golden keys could be purchased in varying amounts, with bonus keys granted when you buy more at once. the costs of content could be lower with golden keys, where a monster may be 6000-9000 silver keys it would only be 600 to 900 golden keys, equivalent to around 5.00 to 10.00.

Now I haven’t had an opportunity to play the beta, I don’t have a good enough graphics card, but my information tells me that perks are earned via silver keys? I feel this should remain this way, that way even if someone went all out and bought every monster and hunter via golden keys, they still need to earn the perks, rather than have an immediate advantage over other new players. this would also ensure keys have a primary sink for player to drain them into.

For skins, these are simply aesthetic, make them accessible via silver keys but very expensive as well, say 4,000-5,000 while making their golden key cost only 250-400, (2.50-4.00) cheaper than any monster or hunter. this would make it still Possible to acquire them for free, but would strongly incentivize golden key purchase, as most people, myself included, are impatient and will likely pay out for the “cooler” skins, while saving for the the cheaper ones, or the ones that interest them less, (creating a secondary silver key sink after all perks are acquired). there could be 2 additional sub groups of skins. Rare, which are only available for a limited time Over a week or weekend perhaps, and are a bit more expensive, though they reappear from time to time, and legendary skins which only appear during certain events, are earned via achievement or participation, and are not acquirable thereafter.

Now let’s talk discounts for a bit, giving large Discounts on skins, monsters and hunters, (20-50%) but only via their golden key costs, would further incentivize golden key purchase, given the currently rather small roster of monsters and hunters, perhaps putting one monster and 2 hunters (rotating via role), and 3 corresponding skins on sale for a week out of the month would work. this could increase as the roster increased to the point where if there were 20-24 monsters and around 100-120 hunters, something could always be on sale, a huge increase in scale I know, but that would be a long time from now, I simply believe this game has limitless potential, and with consistent funding content could be released more frequently than in the past.

so long as pricing is well balanced and new content is released frequently enough players should never have “too many” silver keys. Releasing skins as sets would help ensure, even the more frequent players would only be able to afford 1-2 of every 3-5 skins at their time of release with their silver key stockpile, this would ensure consistent players are rewarded for their time, but will still have to either pick and choose their rewards, or shell out to get all the aesthetics.

side note Keeping the free monster/hunter rotation is a great idea allowing players to experience that playstyle before making a commitment with their silver keys, or their golden keys (wallet). I applaud you for this.

So if you did already have plans TRS, how close did this come to them? did I hit the nail on the head? :stuck_out_tongue:and If you didn’t, does this seem like a good model to you?


My god this post did not look this large when I was typing it.


You might want to edit your original post with a TLDR at the bottom and a line mentioning the TLDR at the start :slight_smile:

But other than that, my two cents is that I wouldn’t mind seeing this model. However… by the time said content is released founders and most people playing in this beta would have so many stored keys the incentive to avoid the grind wouldn’t work there :stuck_out_tongue: I already have all the perks and skins I need and I’ve got tens of thousands of keys left over!


I was interested in this game when it first came out… but because of time commitment and money I didnt involve myself…

Now though I am just as hooked on Evolve: Stage 2 as I was on League of Legends in 2012…

Long stort short… I may not agree with the whole silver/gold keys idea… but I would enjoy a mechanic for new players to PAY for more silver keys in order to buy things/progress faster…

either way though… Stage 2 already looks way better than the origial… (insert ass-kissing giving me shit here i dont care)


I think that’s pretty much what TRS is planning to do. I believe they actually named it silver key so they can introduce golden key later in the first place.


TRS are planning a way of buying silver keys after the beta is over. I don’t think they’ll introduce golden keys though. It is a great idea but silver keys are the currency in the Evolve universe and I think it may get confusing if there are 2 currencies going on at one time.