Silver Key Reward Suggestion


In addition to the keys you already gain right now after each match add the following:

  • More keys are rewarded the longer the match goes on.

  • +5 keys are rewarded for each minute passed during the match.
    Keys will be capped at 75, no more keys will be granted if the match takes more than 15 minutes to prevent abuse.

  • Participation Reward for staying throughout the whole match grants +50 keys, regardless of time spent. Leaving will not grant this reward.

  • Wins grant +25 bonus keys. Wins are suppose to be a small bonus to compliment other rewards, not as a major channel for receiving keys and to reward players more for participation rather than who wins.

  • ONLY WORKS IN QUICK PLAY OR RANKED. Disabled in Customs.

  • Keys will not be granted for players who leave the game.

This idea is to provide a more consistent amount of rewarding players after each match.


I don’t want to encourage Monsters to play with their food in a clearly already won match just because they wanna farm keys. But I really like the idea of keys for a win.


Hm, true. I’ve change it now. Reduced keys granted from 10 -> 5 keys per minute, but added a Participation Reward for staying throughout the whole match that grants +50 keys, but is voided if you leave.


But with frequent crashes and disconnects, which many players experience, this would be a bit unfair, right?


This is kinda…eehh.

This would serve no purpose but to intentionally stretch out matches, which is already a toxic thing. Don’t reward people for doing it. It would be better the other way around. and encourage better play and would give Monsters an incentive not to avoid fighting.

For example, starting at 125 or so keys as a base reward and going down by 5 every minute until it hits 75, so that could be a base completion reward. It would make people actually want to TRY during the match instead of leisurely stretch it out just to get more keys.


Shouldn’t it be more keys the shorter the match?


I have a feeling if more keys are rewarded the faster you finish a match then the game will turn into a meta of which hunter comp or Monster build can I use to complete the match the quickest, and then the majority will never deviate from this and involve in stagnant picks every match.


Even if it was for like 100 Keys, which is a bit much, most people wouldn’t bother completely overhauling their compositions and builds just for that one little bonus, in my opinion.