SIlver/Gold Gorgons (if any) - your advice, please?


Guys, I am looking for advice playing Gorgon against solid premade teams. In particular against Caira+Hank+WLM+Markov comp. How do you effectively outdamage Caira & Hank combo with Gorgon ?

I mean I have virtually two abilities only (web+acid), which bring hunter down to 20-25% health at best. Spider trap is effectively shooted. At this level hunters are usually v.skillful at doging and using cloak (edit: and of course - supporting each other). Overall - even if I finally manage to get one of them down in the meantime they melt so much of my armor and health, that not much is left for finishing 3 others and having an eye on incapacitated guy. Should I actually split my damage between them both, rather than focus ?

If I try to be more aggressive at S2 the same problem applies - for getting one or two strikes I have to pay dearly with health. It makes slightly easier to get them down again, but much harder surviving S3 battle.

Your comments … suggestions … please ?


Perhaps @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX could help.


Attempting a wall pounce will result in pretty much an instant loss and in the next title update (few months away though) Gorgon is all about stacking DoTs, making single-target focus perhaps a little more effective with her.

Depending on whether or not there will be micropatches in between that fix the wall pounce bug, we’re looking at a Gorgon whose playstyle will change drastically in either a few weeks or a few months.
So I’m not sure how useful it is to get accustomed to using the current Gorgon against skilled players.


if i play against Hank / Caira comp or any other Medic whit Hank i try to kill Hank ( that is this guy whit the power of beard ) first, Put a Spider trap out to trap caira the try to hit him whit mimic first then be fast and do the Net / Acid / Melee Combo on him

i hope my english was ok and i can help ^^


Never go for Caira directly. Try to hit as many targets as possible with your Acid, focus fire on Support as much as possible and aim your Spider Trap either at Assault, or Caira; this depends on whoever is more annoying and which Markov they’re running (Vanilla or Blitzy).

The main issue you’re facing however is lack of traversals, thanks to WLM. The fact that you’re running low on those, means you need to waste your skills on Markov’s mines, or risk running through them. Caira/Hank wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the CC wasn’t so sickeningly effective.


I meant that Gorgon is really hard to use, there can’t be gold Gorgons…

Y yu flag evry tim


I’m a gold gorgon lol, it’s very much possible


A caira and hank comp? I haven’t seen that combo in decades! Awesome that it’s coming back :heart_eyes:

On topic: deal with Hank first. Might be a little hard, caira can out heal Val… but val has tranqs! I hardly ever play gorgon… But web snare and acid is basically the instant death combo… At least it used to be. Throw a spider at caira and distract her, while focusing hank. If you can try to get a strike on Hank at S2, flee immediately after and mitigate. Hit and run tactics work well for a hank comp because if you can manage to get hank down while losing little to no health, you should be able to make some progress. If the trapper domes you while you try to run… Try to hide and use mimic and spiders as a distraction. Silver gorgons use that strat all the time against my team and its quite annoying. Hope I helped :grin:


Hmm… mimic. I thought it is too squishy. But I try thx!


I was actually wondering “if” … :wink:


@StartSwimming @Artificial_Pro_
I like that distraction strategy with spider trap. I am going to try it => attack support and throw trap at medic.
Actually is spider trap strong enough to provide distraction for some time ? I mean how easy is it to kill from hunters perspective ? (I’ve never experienced that on the other side)



I summon thee


Medic and Trapper have a rough time trying to kill the spider and will burn through most of their jetpack trying to escape it; if you land the trap right in front of them or behind them, that is. Assault and Support can dispatch it quite easily at stage 1, but it becomes more viable as you pour points into it. At stage 2 I usually have 2 points in it and it does its job quite nicely :smiley:

To be frank it all comes down to your aim though, and how badly the assault has tunnel vision. If he and Support are dishing out damage to you or working together otherwise, they’ll be too distracted to notice the spider. On the bright side if they’re attacking the spider, it means you can mitigate damage and either charge Support/Medic, or you can get over to the other side of the dome.


Sorry if anything I’m about to say was already answered but @Sidewaysgts tagged me here so that I could add my point of view on the subject. Quick backround on me: I play on PC and have reached Gold a few times on alternate accounts with my main account Noodles sitting around silver 3 for queue times. Gorgon was my main monster until I retired her in around December when the pounce glitch became unbearibly consistent and ended up as top gorgon player for the PC region before maining other monsters.

To start off I’ll go into detail about Gorgon herself. When she first came out I was able to maintain a 70% W/L ratio and this was with a 3Web Snare-3Acid Spit-3Spider Trap build for stage 3 but this was when Wall Pounce was working as intended for combat, that was until the teleporting traversal was fixed. After that fix the Wall Pounce consistently locked onto hunters without releasing, dealing no damage to the hunter while taking full damage from all sources. Mimic at this time was unusable due to how easy it was to interrupt the cast by shooting the main body, as nice as the damage was you never got it off reliably.

As of now the Wall Pounce glitch still exists so unfortunately her kit is still not 100% usable but recently there was a buff to Mimic that allows the Gorgon to take more focus fire per point in Mimic which allows for much more reliable burst. When trying to work in Mimic into your build you pretty much still have to dump 3 points into the ability otherwise you’re still better off putting the points elsewhere.

With the current balance of Gorgon I usually have 2 builds that I generally go depending on the situation:

Both builds at stage 1 are: 2 Web snare - 1 Acid Spit
Reasoning: You don’t want to fight stage 1, you have no health and lack significant damage. 1 point in Acid Spit is enough for farming and focus fire while 2 points in Web Snare allow you to reliably hit 1+ targets on every cast, it’s also your ‘bread and butter’ for damage and you keep it on cooldown. The reason I don’t go 1 in Spider Trap instead is because of how fragile the trap is, most of the time a hunter team can kill it without realizing they did, personally I prefer Web Snare for mitigation at stage 1 so I moved that point there instead.

Stage 2 will go one of two ways and it all depends on if I want Mimic at 2 or 3. If for some reason I’m getting strikes or its a non sustain comp I will go with Mimic as it can quickly force an aggro/full hp hunter to play back and safe until he’s topped up. Committing to Mimic at 2 requires all 3 of those points though.

The second option is to max out Web Snare, no real way around it, you really need 3 points in the ability. As for the other 2 points this is going to come down to preference, I’ve always run with 1 in Spider Trap and the other in Acid Spit but a friend of mine suggested leaving 1 point in acid and putting another towards Spider Trap for the extra health. Still playing around with the extra health spider though but I can vouch for the first build working very well

Stage 3 is basically the reverse of stage 2. If you went one route with going all Mimic then fill the rest of the abilities with points the way I described above and vice-versa.

Stage 3 is by far the hardest part of Gorgon as she can get nuked when heading into a team that’s already set up, this is why at stage 2 it’s best to take and even look for opportunities to gain strikes on hunters before reaching 3. Sadly I’ve never been able to use her to her full potential as shes always had 1 essential part of her kit unusable.

Currently, shes very hard to get wins with at a high level but I’ve been told that the pounce glitch will be fixed in the next title update and shes actually getting a nice little rework at the same time and when that happens I’ll probably be taking her into competitive play. :slight_smile:

Caira is rough, she counters most of Gorgons kit through high sustain and negating Web Snare through Speed Boost. Hank also helps prevent any further progression on a hunter you are currently going for. Markov and Maggie in this comp have to be ignored to some degree, the two of them are near invincible with Caira and Hank helping them.

To beat this comp you really just have to look to forcing their hand, get them to split during a chase and suddenly turning on whoever is still following you. If you get unlucky with a 3-1 split with the trapper going to cut you off and the other 3 chasing, you almost have to rush the trapper with all you’ve got and get around that split fast. If it’s a 2-2 split then you want to turn, it should always be the assault and either medic or support so just turn on the non-assault and try and get a strike there, just make sure you are single targeting, hit multiple people with web if you can but keep acid on one person.

My posts usually tend to get long winded like that but since this is the first time I’ve responded to a thread I like to go into detail, if I missed something or your unsure of something I might be talking about though, feel free to ask and my responses afterwards are usually a lot shorter :slight_smile:


And what perk do you prefer for Gorgon?
I see many ppl use movespeed perk, but I feels her damage isnt reliable so I choose damage increase to hide her weakness.
May be I normally fight against R.Val and Sunny comp make me feel this way.


Move Speed is always a solid choice with how slow she is. You don’t really notice the damage increase with all the dot’s. If you wanted to go a combat perk then I recommend CDR instead.

Damage Increase works better with monsters like Kraken where all their abilities are hitting 10% harder but as Gorgon you only see the damage increase 10% per tick.


Thank you so much =)


Pretty hard to kill as a medic


Thank you, very indepth and informative for me.
So far I was not trying to use mimic effectively. I mean I did try during my learning/testing phase, but have not found it effective in my hands. So till now I was going 3-3-3 without mimic. Against moderate team it works. But problems I have with strong teams force me to look for something extra.
Definitely I will try to use wall pounce as well. So far I was not using it either. I understand the glitch is not appearing if I catch someone by total surprise => when nobody shoots, right?


Right, apparently the conditions for the glitch to happen is pouncing someone while being shot, there are times though where you can still get it off so its pretty valuable to practice doing it and trying to be as fast as possible with the pounce.

Its really tough currently to make the whole thing work with the current patch version of Gorgon but once you get used to using Mimic and work on getting better on performing in combat pounces then I think you will do just fine. :slight_smile: