Silver back gorilla skin for golaith


i would luv to have this as a skin for him


I call upon @Azmi_Anuar to make this possible



10 chars


I haven’t finished the obsidian one @Shin asked me to do, I don’t have time for more things to photoshop. I want to learn how to manipulate textures first. Probably how to repaint as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep it up… Remember, glass. Reflections… Dark black, with purple reflections in the skin.

It’s going to be hard though. ^.-

I don’t know how to use Photoshop, so it might be a fucking pain.
Spikes are turning out nice, for Goliath. Those should be pure black, glassy look. No purple.
Dark black, lighter purple where his white underneath arms are.

I know, I know… I’m picky. ^.^


It looks purple right now because it doesn’t have a texture yet. Once it’s textured it should be dark with purple acting as it’s highlight.


Don’t know what that means. O.o
I only use pencils to draw, not really done any program artwork.

I imagine it’s like laying down layers though.


Similar to that but brushing give you more control and looks more natural. XD It was very confusing when I first learnt about it.


In te future, I might make my silverback gorilla skin for Goliath


I luv u shin


I love me too. ^.-


Would u like to see the gorilla silverback skin for Goliath too


Not sure, not a gorilla fan, unless it’s the Gorillaz. ^.-


Gorilla silverback skin would look so cool


I think they need to get the rights to use a Donkey Kong skin


For my silverback skin?


Yeah lol give it a tie and allow him to use barrel throw. But in all seriousness a silver back skin would be harass.


What u mean by harass?


Sorry my phone auto corrected that I said bad aas.



10 chars