Silver 2 account on X1 can't find matches anymore


Is this a technical problem or is there nobody left…?

edit: There’s nobody left. :frowning:

Dear Xbox players, is this game dying?

According to the xbox website there are ‘social and gaming’ problems. Just give it a while, I’m sure it will be resolved soon enough.


Also depends on your time and region. But as Jedi said (not tagging for convenience) its probably just the MM on Xbox’s side.


I can find matches as solo Hunter, but not monster.


Lately it’s been hard to find any matches at any time of they day. I feel as thought the game is dying. So are you guys there or does work got you working a lot?


I can find matches again.

During the day it takes 30-1 hour. During the evenings its fairly quick.


ive been waiting for 3hours. not even 1 match…finished watching movie, and some TV series.


huh I never knew there were more than 30 hours in a day
but on a serious note maybe evolve should do another free weekend to help with the dry playerbase I personaly love this game and would do anything (exept spend a lot of money as I don’t have a lot of money) to get the big playerbase back also if you wanna add me on xbox I play a lot unless I am at school or doing work GT: Maximumlimit14


I would love to play with other xbox players BUT I keep getting disconnected from xbox live after a match its so annoying its why I don’t play ranked. have you guys been disconnected from xbox live recently. its been happening for a while. haven’t been able to find much info on what I can do about it. PS I’m in Australia