Silly Slim


Heard something funny the other day facing a Slim, Parnell. Parnell died and Slim just started bitching I told you so’s about how Parnell should have gotten a long range weapon but noooo he wanted to play hero and get right up in it’s face and now he’s dead.

Found it ironic considering Slim uses a shotgun. Did Slim originally have a longer ranged weapon or is it just a silly writing derp?


He uses a shotgun?


Well Slim is also a combat medic with a weapon that nearly blinds the monster. Besides, Parnell does damage to himself, thats like asking the monster to finsh him off.


Yes, more pellets hit, more heal juice, it’s why sniping as slim is really innefficiant for heals.


I’m more concerned that the Assault died before the Medic…

@AICactus True, but Parnell’s also eight feet tall with power armor and a forcefield. Slim’s pretty fragile, chitin or not.


Perhaps you’ve never seen me face tank a monster? One might also say its advantages to let one of your team members become downed so that, as Slim you can damage and keep them alive while your team punishes them for stalking a body. I’ve won many games that way.


I’ll keep my money on a focused assault getting slim heals over slim himself getting assraped. Every juggle is heals lost and slim has zero survivability if the monsters not sitting on him light attacking. Val’s usually live longer because they get a clearer undistracted run while dodging and a larger heal burst.

Monsters focused downed players since when. A player coming up is just easier to burst down again and more punishing long run. It’s why daisy is secret monster ally #1


I never said Slim should be the one downed, that would be a terrible idea. The idea is if someone gets down and the monster camps them I can use the leech gun to keep them up as long as possible while we punish. It can hurt if you lose an important character, but if were gonna lose someone you can bet the monsters gonna lose some health.


I never said slim was the one downed either. Only a moron camps rather then downing someone else or hovering off and bursting the person down for a second strike, especially if the medic of all people is up. It only works for laz. Medics maybe you finish for the win but anyone else, no way.


And morons are the reason that this strategy works so well, besides its easier to keep the healing bug off if you guard to make sure it never gets on in the first place.


I don’t find hoping your opponent is clueless is a good baseline for strategy. -_-


I don’t hope for the monster player to be unskilled and its not like that’s my own strategy, but I see a lot of people regardless of their skill camp bodies just so that I can’t rez them with the bug. It doesn’t matter if they’re standing over the body or staying near it, I’m still punishing them.


I like charging the monster as Parnell. :smile:
They get scared of the burst damage when you’re on top of them.


Slim can facetank at stage one, but at stage two, not without a Hank or a Sunny, or the Armadon DR buff. Not against a good Monster who can keep on him and chain abilities.

And I meant fragile canonically speaking, in response to Slim’s comment.


Hey if Evolve has taught me anything, it’s that anything can happen at anytime for any reason :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it does remind me of a game where the team was Griffin (Me), Hank, Parnell and Lazarus. This was on Refueling Tower. I should have known a Stage 2 message not even 45-60 seconds on the ground was an omen that this game was about to go south real fst…

We domed at stage 2 (Goliath) not long after (Still had full armor… I’m thinking he lucked out on the spawns…), and Assault gets knocked out of LOS of Hank (About the same time we noticed he has Armadon buff… Well poop…), knocks down Parnell before Hank can shield him and the Monster legitimately did NOT move off Parnell’s body save for Orbital (Which did little to deter him, really. Jumped right back to the body and managed to swat Laz away. Drat! He had NO interest in chasing Laz)

Through his shield and Hank’s the monster stood there, taking fire from Laz, Hank and myself and did not move an inch, only tossing Rocks and Flame Breaths (If we ventured too close) while he sat on Parnell’s corpse until it flat DECAYED, teabagging the whole time. (As in, 45 sec decay.) with his back to us.

He had ~half his HP left by the time this happened and had managed to rock Hank for a down (Laz picked him up but it did little to stay the oncoming onslaught) but otherwise was under constant fire.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty about the rest… We lost after a few dropships, I’ll just leave it at that :stuck_out_tongue:


@Matthew maybe you can shed some light on this dialogue? that is pretty ironic


Sure! What’s the question?


First post. Just wondering at some ironic dialog.


Irony is that which is poignantly in opposition to what was expected. I don’t think Slim’s being ironic. He really doesn’t think Parnell should be trying to solo the monster at that range. I mean, Slim only says that when Parnell dies, so he is self-evidently correct. :smiley:


Except Parnell was going off the intel provided to him- that the Monsters are smart. And he gathered- correctly, might I add- that a smart Monster would kill him last in most given scenarios. But seeing as Slim lived and he didn’t the Monster clearly wasn’t smart. :stuck_out_tongue: So his death should be attributed to bad intel and not his choice of weaponry.

Right? :wink: