SIim Spore Cloud Launcher Best Strategy! (3 star) Video inside, Hope it Helps


I show off the best way IMO to master Slim’s spore cloud laucher (LEVEL 3) in Rescue mode with bots. This is easily the hardest mastery of any hunter in evolve but definitely achievable. Hope you enjoy and it helps you out "). LMK if you got questions.


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That’s a lot easier than trying to revive them regularly, but this was a pain for me until I found out that shooting a spore cloud at any wildlife when you revive counts as shooting the Monster. They still need to be in the cloud at the moment of the revive, and it’s still easiest to do on solo Rescue, but it cuts out on the Monster jumping out of the cloud at the last second - you can even shoot it at a stationary carnivorous plant if your team doesn’t kill it. Went from getting maybe 2 in a match to getting 5-8 per match like a normal progression requirement.


nice thanks for sharing I did notice that some people were saying that but I never checked would make this a lot easier but hey! what works works.


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This helped me so much, I had no idea how to get 3star spore cloud, but now I do! Thanks so much


wow thanks man im glad it helped you out! :smile:


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