Sigh. gotta love the Xbox community

So I’m in an evacuation campaign queued up as monster for my last choice. I get put into a lobby as the monster anyways and i said alright whatever its a full lobby i’ll give everyone a fun experience.

Its day 2 nest and I pick goliath. I get to stage two pretty easily with no damage done and fight them near the last two eggs. I down and kill everyone but the medic and he manages to escape so they get another dropship in. During the downtime of him running i managed to get stage 3 and just sit by the last egg with a minion waiting for them to come.

I notice the assault coming by himself just wayyyyy off from the rest of the group. I do what naturally anyone would do and sneak pounce him til death. I kill the rest at the egg with no harm done and i get a bunch of raging in the lobby.

I didn’t even say a word.

Next game i’m goliath again against the same group. Long story short I won in stage 1 and apparently now the guy posted my gamertag on twitter to shame me for sneak pouncing and with hopes that someone gets my credit card info and steals my account and maxes out my card.

I still didn’t say a word to this guy. He left though.


Sue his ass
I’m XO user and that’s just childish
Not to mention invasion of privacy and fraud. You could open a case with this


from that guy, that is


Yeah dude you could sue him. What’s the link to his twitter? Even if he didn’t do it you could still sue him for threatening you.


The jimmies are very rustled

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That guy knows its just a game right? I mean we all want to win, but that guy just needs to grow up.

Indeed, but he took it to twitter so now its personal. OP should sue

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Yeah I don’t understand why that guy would take it to twitter. I mean its just really dumb thing to do. Guy must still be in middle school or something.


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More than likely, or sincerely butthurt. I watched some CoD trollers on YouTube and they messed with a lot of younger kids, you’d be surprised with how many of those brats threatened haxors -.-

Lol let’s not derail this thread :wink:

agreed :joy:

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That’s not “the Xbox community” those are just idiots on the internet, they are everywhere.


Can’t say I am shocked been on Xbox since 360. I have gotten all kinda people saying they would hack me when I used to play MW2. Has not happened in evolve yet, but I have been called a fag for using pounce.

As a fellow xboner got them feels bro
Were not all dicks though
Unfortunately alot of the decent (as in friendly ) are moonstar player

Meh. PC communities can be way worse. Just look at the Steam review section of this game, or its SCUD…


I wish I knew his twitter just to see if he really posted or if it was all talk.

He thought I had a mic because the game showed I had one but its because I have my kinect plugged in. It probably made him even more upset that I could hear him and wasn’t saying anything back lol.

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Seriously, when people abbreviate my gt Fang18 (you know very well what abbreviation is made) I congratulate them on their homophobic ways and insist it’s okay they admit their fears of their own sexualities -.-

May karma hit them with a gay pride bus :joy: