Sideways Lab: Stealth speed test (Picture heavy)

So I’ve long been told that, and was completely under the impression wraith had the fastest land speed while stealthed. This topic came up in another thread so I decided to do some tests-

I first went to the dam, crouched during the start-up sequence, and took off down the road to a set point (a little downed vehicle in the corner of the map, picked because there was no climbing/dropping/etc to get there)- Taking a picture of the time it took me to get there for each of the monsters (being careful to take consistent pathing each time).

First up, Goliath-

There at the 47 second mark.

Next up- Kraken.

Also 47 seconds. No surprise.

Now to the wraith- I wondered how much faster shed be

Fourty sev- Wait. 47 seconds as well? Maybe I did something wrong. Re-tested. Nope. Same time. Looking like ive been horribly mislead.

Well- Behemoth now, just for shits and… wuh?

42 seconds? 42 seconds. Again, surely I did something wrong. Re-tested. Nope. 42 seconds. He was getting there faster. I retested on a couple of maps, same story. Behemoth was getting there faster. I know behemoths “base” speed was bumped from his previous snails pace to the same as the other monsters- But I’ve still always been told, and was under the impression (falsely), that his stealthing speed was still slower than the others.

This got me thinking- Just how much faster is behemoth if we cover more distance? I picked a small route (with no climbing, for this test) on Fusion plant, and began testing (again, doing as consistent of a path as possible for all the monsters).

I used the base of the stairs by the drop zone as the starting point, starting the run at the 20 second mark-

Moving to the top of the stairs and just left of this building,

Always to the right of this pillar and the fan in front to clear the corner-

Continue straight down the walk way, landing on this vehicle below the ledge

Hugging the wall and going around the back of the building, stopping beside this tree-

Then with kraken

Then wraith

(beat by 1 second, mightve started faster or taking slightly tighter lines due to her narrow profile)

And finally- Behemoth

Notably faster than all of the others. Just to be sure i did this a couple of times with behemoth, same results.

I went back along this path as a hunter, using pings along the way- and figured this path to be roughly 320 meters from start to finish. From this im gathering that behemoth sneaks at 6 meters per second, with the others sneaking along at 5 meters per second (7.5 meters per second for their normal base speed. Hunters for comparison run at 5.5 meters per second).

Im sure some of you knew this, I however did not- and was ass backwards on it. Just thought it was interesting and thought others might find it interesting as well.


Going over the pictures again, Ive noticed something interesting- Wraith is regaining armor faster. At least going by bars. @macman Is this intentional? For clarification, character perks/mastery were disabled in all of these. (Actually it looks like theyve all got different armor regen rates. I was under the impression each bar represented 500 armor, maybe this conclusion was false?)


I was under the impression that Wraith sneaks faster too. But your testresults seem to indicate that as they were buffing Behemoths movement speed by 1 m/s they also increased his sneak speed accidently.

@MacMan I think this should be looked at very closely.

Nice testing! I also don’t think it was intentional, strange that Bob is the only one that can “outrun” the hunters while sneaking

Another funny thing ive just noticed:

Wraith is regaining armor faster. Character perks and character mastery was disabled in all of these tests.

“Stealth is worthless on Behemoth” they said…Well they were right, cuz birds, but still.

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Um… from what I remember Behemoth is also supposed to have a faster Armor Regeneration than the other Monsters but is him getting 1¼ Bars per meat supposed to be the increased Armor regen?

Also did you hit any wildlife like Reavers or otherwise on any of these Monsters?

Edit: I think I know what caused this malfunction in speed on the Behemoth.

I may be wrong here but when released and before his “speed Buff” his sneaking speed was equal to the other Monsters but his regular movement speed was hindered.

Now since TRS did a speed boost for Behemoth in his normal walks (non-sneaking) it also affected his Sneak speed. Granted this is already said but I believe somewhere in the coding someone has a simple [Increase Behemoth Speed by whatever%] and it hit both normal and sneak speeds. Now his sneaking got a boost and thus making him faster via sneaking.

I’d hate to see how fast a Speed Buff or Perk Behemoth travels via sneaking… might as well be walking normally then.

Edit 2: And if my math serves right he will benefit even more from the Speed Perk moreso than the other Monsters since the perks are % based. So a Monster with a higher speed will thus get a larger bonus % wise.

You really like setting the bot to Lennox, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never touched the hunters once actually, just the luck of the draw there :smiley:

Was not hit once during any of these tests. These routes pass 0 hostile wildlife, other than the sloth behind the back of the fusion plant, but hes far enough away that he never bothers you. Only thing you cross are striders (Which actually forced a couple of re-dos because they would sometimes “run away” directly in my path)

he does indeed regain more armor “per meat” than the other monsters.

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@Major_Warrior Also, I belive it’s 1.5 bars per meat, not 1.25

Worth noting that Bob probably feels slower due to being so big, whereas Wraith is smaller so it sometimes feels like you’re moving faster. Also the fact that as Wraith, its easier to feel like you’ve broken los in a match, but as Bob, you feel so damn slow because the hunters can spot you for miles.

Why can I not spam you with likes?

Nah I think it’s 1.25 because I get 5 armors from four meats… so… Math OP?

Ah my bad. :stuck_out_tongue: you’re correct.

But I still think I read that Armor Regeneration was higher for Behemoth than the other Monsters but it seems that Wraith is actually faster…

I wonder how much the Armor Regen Perk would work in her favor mathematically…