Sideways climbing?


Will sideways climbing (as the monster) be available in the released game?
This is one of the only problems I’ve had, playing as Goliath. I’d climb up a wall/rock in a corner or something but it would grab the wrong wall to climb on, resulting in a longer climb and/or being out of position. Cancelling it would mean you dropped all the way down and lost precious time to escape.

It was available in l4d so I can assume it can also be implemented into Evolve?

(Perhaps the monster could also just hang on to a wall and jump/attack from mid-climb, instead of having to actually climb all the way up? Unless this is already possible, then I apologize for suggesting and I don’t deserve top 100 rank as Goliath QQ )


I think holding on and releasing is a bit far, but being able to move to the side a little bit as you climb up a wall is a good idea.


I believe this to be a worthwhile mechanic. I play around climbing straight up, but I can absolutely see the possibility of adding some form of lock on the wall when you start climbing with WASD and Spacebar for movement and then when in locked mode, SHIFT, to release from the wall. Perhaps just holding SHIFT and then a direction should be able to let you climb on the X-axis, but you wouldn’t be able to stay still on the wall.


I don’t have the thread available, but there was a lengthy one on this post Big Alpha.
If I recall correctly - it came down to either it’s not going to happen OR it will be a while.

I think @MacMan basically said it’s not as easy to code/animate as you think so they focused on Up and Down.


It would actually take much longer to make sure there aren’t many game-breaking glitches by climbing sideways. I just think it might be done later for this game, or for Evolve 2.


This has already been discussed I’m pretty sure it’s a no.

It’s not really needed that much if you think about it, monsters are winning matches perfectly fine.


At the moment, no. The maps have been designed to not need sideways motion going up a surface. While I can think of the occasional fringe scenario where it would have been nice, it wasn’t really a big deal for me.

Plus, consider that when you are on walls, you can’t fight back. You become a target pretty quickly if you aren’t careful.