Sick of the game system


If you not ready. Dont release the game. There are shit tons of bugs. Been 2 months and still shitty. shitty stuffs like

  1. Matchmaking issues, takes so long, found a match then black screen of death.
  2. Mysterious disconnect between game (not connection problem )
  3. Hunters and Monster initially spawn at the same time
  4. Cant take over bot when join mid game, count at lost if dc wtf
  5. In game chat so bad, gotta do PSN party chat.
  6. Evolve then lost all skill points, CANT USE ANY ABILITIES
  7. Moon jump goliath
  8. Etc.
    dont give me wrong I love this game, really. But I think the game isnt ready to be out here right now. Why gotta rush dev?



I must be lucky as I’ve not come across any bugs as such and have only crashed once which is a lot less than on other games I’ve played


Because 2K forced them to adhere to an unrealistic schedule, I suppose. 2K seems incompetent in general- their marketing campaign crippled this game, their “support” is miserable, their servers are terrible and they attempt ridiculous cash grabs that no sane person would ever sanction were it under their authority because of their gross inefficiency.


Oh man… either you play it once per week or you trully are “kid of luck”.
There are TONS of BUGS :sob:


Well I’m hardly a “kid” and I play most days just must be pretty lucky I guess, not denying that the bugs exist but I’ve come across far worse in other games.


OK. To give you the picture how does it look on my side: yesterday I played about 3 hours. During this time at least about 8…10 matches were broken because of various bugs: “frozen” action (when suddenly hunters/monster stop in one place), disconnects, bugs with evolving/eating wildlife etc. On top of that a number of other bugs - like match not starting, “infinite” black screen between party gathering and selecting classes etc. It seems to me it got much worse since tier4 introduction, I mean especially Behemoth (I play it 100% time).
On some days it is pretty OK, but some other - like yesterday for me - disaster!


Today I spent ten minutes searching for a match. When I finally got one it was a JIP Defend match. Then we got one round of Hunt- I had the Assault role, my least preferred- and we were butchered by a Behemoth using the rollspam exploit. Then back to Defend. Yay.


Without knowing the agreements between publisher and studio, I would always give benefit of the doubt regarding these situations. Stuff I hear sometimes regarding studios being waaaay behind agreed deadlines makes me cringe!

Some publisher gets bad mouthed because they are the evil ones who forced the devs to release an unfinished product? Turns out said product was already 18 months behind schedule and investors/ were threatening to pull the plug (yup I’ve seen that firsthand).

I don’t hesitate to comment on what I consider bad marketing choices and piss-poor communication about Evolve’s pricing models, but production rush? Unless you’re in it’s always hard to judge.


That’s a bit flippant, it’s not like the OP just hates on the game for no reason, they have their reasons.


I’ll admit that, and I should not judge, no, but taking into consideration other things for which there are no excuses- poor asset maintenance, support- or more accurately lack thereof- terrible marketing calls and just general…bad things. I shouldn’t swear, it isn’t becoming of an individual.

But very well, I shall refrain from badmouthing 2K anymore because you are correct. I cannot judge.


No worries, I pretty much agree on all the rest. There’s no way to deny they fucked things up with their communication over pricing plans and all the stuff that has been discussed over and over on these forums. Didn’t mean to seem overly argumentative, sorry.

It’s just that personal experience with video games deadlines has always given me nightmares and it seems like every dev studio I’ve met is overconfident when it comes to setting realistic deadlines.

I’ve seen marketing dudes pulling their hair in frustration because they built hype on some additional content, made their online campaign, a small webcomic, a big announcement, some high profile streaming … And last minute QA report forces to postpone the product. There’s no win in this situation. Either you push the product with known bugs and prepare for a shitstorm, or you delay the release and weather a shitstorm.

Publishers around the world get a lot of hate, some (lots) of it well deserved, but in the end, someone has to balance the ledgers or there would be no games.


Ouch doesn’t sound like fun there chap, what system was it on?


on PC
I mean it was exceptionally bad yesterday, fortunately it is not like that every day. But it does happen.


I know some compatibility issues have been reported with some specific brands of hardware (especially GPUs). Not sure if latest patch solved it though. I have very few crashes and game is overall quite stable. On the bug side, I’ve heard of most of the bugs you mentioned, and only experienced a few.

I’ll gladly believe that I’m on the luckier side of the spectrum but, truth be told, you also seem to sit at the other end of it. Hope you can get most of them fixed.


Gutted well I’m on Xbox one so maybe it doesn’t have as many bugs but again I could just be lucky, hopefully they’ll sort it out soon though and you can start enjoying the game more :+1:


Maybe so, but there’s tons of identical rant/whine threads and I don’t believe another one was necessary. Is it so hard to use search function and just post in the existing rant threads? I think not.

Oh and yeah the game isn’t THAT buggy tbh, I got 100+hours, and I rarely, very rarely find a game breaking bug, on PC.

This is the kind of threads that should be dumped into the bin or merged, not my lovely off topic threads :sweat_smile:


Luck then, I’m on XboxOne too and I have experience so many , i’ll make a list:
1)When I join a match, almost everytime all the hunters are in the sky except me and then they come back, but invisible
2) I put hunt and it takes me to another mode
3) I put evac coop and it puts me in PVP
4) When I’m monster sometimes wildlife goes throught the ground
5) The game just stops and everyone gets frozen( not a connection problem)
6) Sometimes in the middle of a match I get kicked out to the main XboxOne menu.
7)Sometimes in character selection you can see tier 4 hunter standing like a cross lol
8) When everyones leaves in the character selection part, the game tells me it’s
finding other players but it nevers founds someone and if I leave it gives me a time penalty
9) Sometimes you can see tyrants doing lots of buggy stuff, like dancing
10) In defense, the AI monster spawns with the hunters
11) I have watch in observer mode that sometimes the AI monsters goes back and forth and does nothing for awhile
12) I still get spawned from time to time in the sky
13) The subtitles sometimes keeps playing in the menu
14) Dead hunter bodies teleporting(happened yesterday)
And lots more lol, the play testers really need to pay more attention, but I trust TRS, devs are working their butt off, so i’m pleased with that.


I’m on X1, and have only had a falling through the floor, and a crash. shrug


I wish I was you then lol, because most of these bugs have been aknowledge by the devs and they constanly happen to me and other players and it’s not fun :confused: