Sick Of Orbital Barrage


Hank is my favourite character out of all the supports, but I am so very sick of Orbital Barrage. I can land it with some difficulty, and that is completely fine. The problem is that a good half of the maps are in caves, reactors are often in buildings, etc. I can’t even use it, and I waste precious time that could be better spent trying to shield someone. Can we have it go through objects for reduced damage or something? I’m tired of finding an evolving Monster out in the open, only to find out there is a ledge above that one spot.


Why are you sick of something not being able to be landed constantly? I totally respect your opinion and all but I think not being able to land something all of the time is a good thing.

I like the fact that you have to mix it up or use a different tactic to take down a Monster. That’s what the group mentality is for.

Plus with the 12 different maps and scenarios that happen on them depending on who’s in control of a Monster the game play will be all the more better for it.


I’m sick of orbital barrage knocking me 50 feet back.


I’m sick of Hankbot having terrible aim with the orbital barrage.


My issue is that 1 of my 4 skills is completely useless quite often. I catch a Monster evolving, only to find a ledge nearby? No barrage. We fight on a map with the reactor in a building? No barrage. Half the maps are just full of caves and one of my most effective abilities is completely useless, I can’t even area deny.


I understand my friend but many of the other hunters have a skill negated as well depending on where in the map they are, or the situation they are in.

I suspect Monsters as well have a skill they cannot use in certain instances. That’s the beauty of Evolve my friend you just don’t know what you’re going to get into your in the heat of the hunt.


That way the Monster can play it smart and chose to fight there to exactly avoid your barrage, just wash him out of there or let him chase you into an open area. Use some strategy. This sounds more like “I hate it that Paper beats Rock, I really like using Rock because its easy to do.”


Consider it strategy. Makes for a good reason to go hide in a hole somewhere when evolving.


There is no Orbital Barrage strategy when you are fighting in a domed cave. 1 of 4 very important skills is completely useless in this scenario, and it happens quite often. Of course, just my opinion.


You can still shield people or do the damage yourself so its not something i’d be too worried about, of course annoying but its not like you are just decoration without it.


Well due to the high amount of damage it does its great that you can’t use whenever wherever. Make the times you can use it count.


I guess. I got a little angry when I found an evolving Monster next to a cliff, out in the open, only to find out it was too close to said cliff to actually Orbital it. Messed around for a few moments trying to find an angle, but no such luck. I just don’t like how its the only ability in the game you cant always use on demand.


And while we’re at it can you please make the medics heal go through walls, to many times I’m losing line of sight on the people I’m healing

(sarcasm off)



You just gotta pick and choose your fighting locations. That’s why I’m such a wiz with my orbitals.


If orbital barrage cant be used inside i see no reason why kraken can do it lightning strike,that my only problem.


[quote=“DCDTDito, post:15, topic:33479, full:true”]
If orbital barrage cant be used inside i see no reason why kraken can do it lightning strike,that my only problem.
[/quote] Makes sense.


Well the lightning is coming from Kraken, Hank’s barrage is coming from orbit. The lightning strike doesn’t quite reach to the sky anyway. Besides, it’d be pretty crap for the monster to be down 1/4 skills as opposed to the hunters being down 1/16.


That is not really a fair comparison. The team might be down 1/16th, sure, but Hank himself is still down 1/4, and thats a quarter of everything he has to offer. Still, people seem to disagree with me, so I guess that is fair enough. Do note, I’m not expecting a full OB, I’m asking for the ability to use it at reduced effectiveness when inside. It is not completely unrealistic to think a giant flying cannon could shoot through a ceiling or two.


What isn’t fair about it? You have a team of four, not one. The Kraken losing a skill is a LOT more than the hunter team losing a skill. Besides, Hank is still great without it.


What I mean is, a team is made up of individuals. If I was playing another class and had an ability locked for various reasons, then that would bother me just as much, as it means I can contribute a lot less.