Sick and tired of seeing Abe and Cabot


if people aren’t motivated to use other combos then a Nerf to Cabot and Abe will make them think about expanding their horizons. No character should be chosen to the exclusion of all others.


People just don’t know how to play properly against them. Abe isn’t God tier. Neither is Cabot. The higher the Tier the more specialized they are which tends to mean that they have glaring weaknesses.


It’s only because they are the last unlocks. When the 4th Hunters come out that’s all you will see too.


I’m with you on this, Abe really shines after hes darted a good chunk of wildlife and found the monster. The Stasis Grenades trade away more effective movement impedance for faster use and greater area of coverage. Cabot offers pretty much zero defense to the team, unless you count shooting through walls to prevent relay destruction defense.


Cabot and Abe are both anti runner, but also take the longest to unlock, and running is one of the most tedious thing you encounter as hunter.


Interestingly enough, even against Kraken I don’t find Abe’s stasis grenades to be all powerful. You can still keep up in the air most of the time. Just remember if you are Kraken, not moving Forward, Back, left or right and using your spacebar lets you go straight up for elevation.


abe has a weakness in getting his ass beat without being able to do much.

without cabot this comp doenst do much either. look for the sillouette. kill. the only time this changes is with a laz.


Sometimes when I play Kraken and do that he will not go up any further/the boost will not activate at all, is there a cap?


Yes, there are invis ceilings that change depending on areas of the map. If you can’t go any higher chances are you are at max.


Well I’m tired of seeing OP Wraith threads but you don’t see making threads about it. Cabot and Abe is a good Hunter combination. Hunters need to pay to their strengths.


I think part of the reason this combo is common is because its great at keeping track of wraith and is honestly quite anti wraith so of course people are taking it


^ Basically this


Abe pretty much screws you on defend and Cabot denies you any feeding, shit not even funny.


For Trappers I feel the other Trappers underwhelming unless it’s Goliath.

Maggie and Griffin require more work against Kraken and their use against a competent Wraith is just frustrating.

Griffin can work against Kraken but I have to really position myself and Harpoon his back while Abe can just chuck Stasis grenades in his general direction and down him from the sky. Maggie is heavily reliant on how well the area is in the Arena and can be a pain to get her Harpoon Mines off.

Abe isn’t OP, it’s that the other Trappers don’t feel consistent across all Monsters.

For Supports, Hank’s loses 3/4 of his shield projector to a single Decoy hit and his damage output isn’t optimal against Wraith unless you coordinate very heavily with your Trapper to get an Orbital off, but that’s too much of a risk.

Bucket takes a while to set up his damage potential with his turrets and his missile launcher is still average with slow reload speed, and average damage output.


I argue that Goliath shuts down Wraith even more than Abe. Everyone moans about Wraith warping away, but Griffin can dome and stop the Wraith dead stop if you are good with your aim.


no he cant harpoons dont work fully on wraith thats how broken that thing is

50% travel distance on traversal remains

his warpblast and abduction isnt hindered in the slightest


I’ve tested it extensively. Unless you are stage 3, you can’t warp straight out of Harpoons/Warp Blast. You get to the tether’s edge on a warp blast but then you are still in the dome.


Cabot is cool…but he’s no Bucket! I think Cabot has more overall utility but I love Bucket’s lines and I prefer the turrets.

I use Griffin too. Although Stasis Grenades can dominate a Goliath or Wraith, I just enjoy using the Harpoon gun more.


i had this game like 1 day ago

i threw the arena, harpoon the wraith----> wraith presses 1 and its out

every other monster is stopped dead not the wraith


I tested it with @GiantChiprel who is a big Griffin player. I’ll even record me doing this again. It’s on my old past broadcasts for Evolve. I’ll put up some more videos later tonight when I get off work.