Shuttle Revive System: Lore behind it?


I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any “Evolve Universe” lore in regards to how the hunters get on the shuttle to be dropped back off after dieing. Obviously, in a lot of games there is the suspension of disbelief and you just live with the fact that characters re-spawn or reload and there is no “logical” explanation for it. However, some games implement systems to explain re-spawns. Whether each new character is a clone, or for example, the new game Shadow of Mordor where you are connected to a wraith (spirit) which does not allow you to fully die. Assassin’s Creed has the De-synchronization system. So again, I was curious if there was any sort of system like that in place in Evolve? If not, totally not a big deal, I was mostly asking out of curiosity and a desire to learn as much about the Evolve universe as possible! Thanks!


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